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View Full Version : Free charitable fun

09-16-2010, 08:07 AM

At Absolutely No Cost to Your Organization or Your Membership-- Ever!

Offered to you by Ronald Morris

To Join Our Fund Raising Program Simply Click Here

It is the goal of the Solutions Network to provide maximum needed information and opportunity to the widest possible range of individuals, companies, and fund raising organizations.

If you or your organization is in need of new sources of revenue to continue your good works, consider the Solutions Network Fundraising Program.

The Solutions Network has created a unique program specifically targeted to, not only, increase the revenues needed to continue and enhance your organization's fine works, but to also, assist the members and families of your organization by providing many widely needed programs along with an abundance of financial services and valuable free information that will be of invaluable benefit to your entire membership.

While helping your members, we help you in your fund raising efforts.

(Click Here to See the Site that will be created for you. Your site will be personalized with your organization name)

Our program lets you earn $1,000's for your organization, with no cost and no effort. And you can do it year round, month in, month out.

We offer 4 separate and distinct programs you can use one or all.

No matter which you choose, you will raise funds, and it will never cost your organization or members a dime.
First Method-- Membership Fund Raising

By utilizing Front Page Specials site (a division of the Solutions Network), you will find literally thousands of high quality gifts that are perfect for the constant gift giving occasions that constantly arise. Mother's day, Father's day, Birthday's, Christmas, Anniversaries, Graduations, etc, 20% of the total of every purchase your members make from this site.

What do you do?

Just send a sample email like the one contained in this link, (except it will automatically have YOUR ASN ID encoded in the letter), and then mail or email it to your membership.

You can simply copy and paste, because once we've created your site, all the information in the email will be automatically keyed to you and your organization.

Every Wednesday you will be sent 20% of every order that was made by each and every member of your membership. With the holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, etc... This can be a substantial amount of much needed revenue. And you need do virtually nothing!
Second Additional Method-- Help Other Fund Raisers

Give this Opportunity to other organizations. Once you have satisfied yourself that this is of benefit not just for you, but for your entire membership, you can offer this same Fund Raising Opportunity to any other organization that you are choose.

If you choose to do so, you will receive approximately 5% of the retail amounts on anything purchased by the members of that organization.

You will be helping another organization continue with the needed and beneficial public works, and you will be helping their membership.

How do you offer it to other Fund Raisers?

Simple. After you've joined, just send them to your personalized Fund Raising Assistance page.

After you've joined, all the information will be keyed to you. And once they've joined they will have a page that is Identical to this that shows them what to do and how it works.
Third Method-- Offering Business and Financial Services

Offer Business and Financial Services to your members. We offer a huge array of much needed Free and Low Cost business and financial services and information. Ranging from, No Down Home Loans, Bankruptcy, Credit Repair, Free Credit Repair Kits, Tax Assistance, etc... We provide the best services and the lowest fees. If you choose to do so, you can let your membership know that these professional, but low cost services are available. By doing so, you are helping them with some of today's most trying issues... and you are paid a percentage of any service that we perform. Following are the approximate amounts that we pay to your organization. To See comprehensive details of the services and the funds that it raises for your organization click below.
Details of Business and Financial Services

Each of these needed services, and more, can be found at this link.

NOTE: You are always notified AUTOMATICALLY, by email when anyone submits an order form from any of your ASN Service pages.

By the way, there is never any cost to you or your organization for your participation. The moment you join, You are given a Free Website that is in operation 24/7, 52 weeks a year and no hosting or maintenance fees required, EVER.

To Join Our Fund Raising Program Simply Click Here
Fourth Method-- Offer Free Business Opportunity to Membership

Give your members the opportunity to start their own business, with no investment, EVER-- that GUARANTEES that they make money and by building their FREE business, they are helping your Organization's Fund Raising.

With this Method, each and every member of your organization, not only, has these services for themselves and at a discount-- but they can offer these services to others, they earn from each purchase or sale, and your organization also earns from each purchase or sale, through 10 levels.

If you choose this method, you will receive donations from from ASN not only on the purchases and sales of your organization's members that join with you, but when your members build their businesses they can obtain each service for themselves, at a discount (and your organization, still receive donations),-- plus, they can offer these services to others, from which they earn from each purchase, sale or even free quote, trial or service. or sale, and your organization still receives donations for each purchase or sale that result from those that join with each of your members and their members through a full 10 levels.

email Ron @ [email protected]
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