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View Full Version : Ephedra Is Back FDA Compliant (x)

Mike McClurg
09-06-2010, 02:55 PM
Building a business with Ximo Golden Ephedra

Over 10 Million people used ephedra before ephedrine was banned in 2004.
10 Million people KNOW it works. Herbalife, Metabolife, Ripped Fuel, Xenadrine, E’ola were just a handful of the companies that shared in a billion dollar a year market for ephedra-based products. Now, there’s a safer, legal FDA Compliant product that can re-establish that billion dollar niche and Ximo is the only network marketing company selling real ephedra supplements.

Why this is the best opportunity for building a home business:
Finally, a product you can sell! Whether on Ebay, your own site on the internet, to friends and acquaintances, expos or flea markets, Ximo is a legitimate retail product.

$3.95 wholesale cost on 16 oz bottles of Ximo (8 servings) means you can easily sell Ximo for 50% profit at a price of $6 per bottle. What customer doesn’t have $6 dollars for a weight loss product?

In my area I'm getting $8-$10 dollars a bottle moving 2-3 cases a week.

$45 wholesale cost for Ximo caps (90 capsules) easily retail for 35% profit at a cost of $60 retail

Free Website with Point-of-Sale credit card processing without the hassles. You send traffic to your replicated website and they can buy straight from the site.

Once a customer tries this product, they’ll feel the results. Whether they want to enjoy wholesale pricing by joining as an autoship customer or becoming a distributor, your downline will contain product lovers and advocates – not just people wanting to make more money who buy the product for that opportunity.

Hybrid Unilevel Compensation Plan
With Dynamic Compression

Generous Fast Start Bonuses
Global Bonus Pool

Great product combined with low monthly cost $60 personal volume keeps attrition low to maximize residual commissions. Low autoship cost also means yours is free when you introduce 3 people to the product.

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What are Doctors saying about XIMO?
"I am very aware of XIMO's multiple health benefits and protective support it provides for numerous body functions. During my own personal use of XIMO, I have experienced increased mental focus, weight-loss, and enhanced physical tolerance. I have been so impressed that I have come out of retirement to be the XIMO Medical Director in order to get this health message out to the community.

Donald Levitt, MD
Medical Director - XIMO Health
Former Division Director of the US Food and Drug Administration
Advisor to the World Health Organization
Consultant to the Pharmaceutical Industry
Instructor at Georgetown Medical School, and in private practice of medicine for forty years.

“As a practicing physician, I have read the claims of many juice and health products. Recently a long-time patient attributed his improved weight and health to XIMO, a new fitness and performance drink. Being impressed with XIMO's safety profile and simplicity, I tried and have seen healthy improvements in myself, my family, my friends, and in my patients. I lost 7 pounds my first week on XIMO, have an abundance of energy, and have better workouts! XIMO will be one of the greatest adjuncts ever developed in the weight management and fitness arenas!”

Holly Underwood, MD
Former Mayo Clinic Staff Physician
Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist, Scottsdale, AZ.

Visit Here (http://www.ximohealth.com/mikemcclurg)

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