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View Full Version : Kit Question

01-07-2010, 09:55 AM
Okay, couple Questions..

I will be heavily involved in the recruiting process once I join a jewelry company..

The thing that bothers me about Silpada is Zero Jewelry comes with the Kit.. $199.00 is expensive enough, then you have to turn around and buy product. If your recruiting in town, I imagine you would help your new recruit with your own Jewelry to get her started.

From what I have read you can get free jewelry quick once you have your first show and you are the hostess and rep.. You get your 30% in free jewelry as the hostess plus your $200.00 for a $500.00 show, and then your profit as the rep.. I cannot remember where I read it, so I may be totally stating it wrong.

What about a rep in another city who does not have the extra money to buy and add to her kit right away? As A Recruiter what do you personally do to help that person start her Silpada business?

Also how do you advertise and market your business? I heard you cannot online, what does that mean?

Thank you,
please add here instead of PM'ing me it is easier to read here.


01-07-2010, 03:07 PM
Hi April,

We have a family business that we started 18 years ago. It took alot more than $199 to start. Remember, you are starting your own business and that $199 investment can be paid off in one show! As for your display, you can have a beautiful, eye catching display with 10 pieces of jewelry. I've seen it done. I have helped my recruits with my jewelry and one of the girls had a show the same day as me. She was very worried that she didn't have my jewelry but it turned out that it was her biggest show since she started in August (her commission was over $550!) I believe she had about 20 pieces in her display.

It happens that my upline has a kit that they will let any new recruit use. I'm not sure how long they let you keep it but as you said correctly, you can earn jewelry along with your commission your very first show and within your first 100 days you can earn over $3000!

I have no problems advertising without the internet (although, I am on FB) This company has been very successful as a party plan. My advertising is at my shows, the people I know, the people I've met and my phone! Of course, I'm a walking advertisement as are all these jewelry gals!

I hope I've helped answer some of your questions. It's a hard decision but I would say go with what you love. After all, you have to believe in your product.


01-07-2010, 03:50 PM
Okay, that helps.. I guess I would work on having a kit ready for new recruits if they could not buy pieces do to hardship.

Thank you!

01-10-2010, 10:41 AM
Hi April,

I agree 100% with Ralphie! You do not need thousands of pieces of jewelry for your shows. I started with about 20 pieces and some of my best shows were from early on when I had little jewelry. Catalogs, look books, and visuals are powerful tools! Silpada has a link on our representative site showing how to set up displays with different amounts of jewelry, it's very clever!

Again, as Ralphie said, I have not had any issues with advertising. Silpada is a party plan company and the best advertising is at the parties. In addition, Silpada has a mass marketing campaign in national magazines (O Magazine, Redbook, etc.).

The absolutely best advertising though...wearing the jewelry. It never ceases to amaze me how many times I'm stopped while I'm out. People LOVE Silpada! You are a walking advertisement!

Best wishes to you :) This is a great (and very helpful) board, feel free to ask any questions you might have!