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11-06-2009, 09:26 AM
Yesterday I got the book: How to Build a Multi Level Money Machine by Randy Gage.

As I read through the first 100 pages I was struck by the realization of a nagging thought that I have had for a long time. Am I in the wrong company? Can I really make decent money with Watkins? I mean lets face it we get a 25% commission. I could service 1000 customers every month selling $10000 in product and still only make $3900 with the extra 14% of being a manager. That's decent money but not life changing money.

As I read this book Randy mentioned two things that really struck me. Number 1 was that it is all about duplicating yourself, duplicating yourself, and duplicating yourself. And number 2 was that there has to be a system, and to follow the system. At this point I had two realizations. The first was that I had sponsored some but hadn't really duplicated myself. And number two was I wasn't even sure if Watkins even had a system like Randy was talking about. Either I hadn't been taught it by my upline or when I joined I was too arrogant to learn it, I honestly don't remember but the point is I am lacking a system.

So I returned to the Summit Group website and started reading and by golly there is a system.

As I was reading I came across the commission schedule sheet and again was hit by the nagging concern that there was no real money to be made here.

A whopping 5.25% of level one and 3.5% on level 2 and 3 seemed ridiculous. But instead of just turning off the computer and going to bed at 11pm I just stared at that commission sheet and pondered.

Suddenly another comment by Randy came to mind. That you must have a base of consumers. So I grabbed the calculator and started to crunch some numbers.

Here's my assumptions: 1. That a solid base should constitute 50 consumers per associate. This will guarantee a monthly revenue without overburdening the associate. 2. That we can easily assume an average of a $10 order per customer per month. This $500 in orders will give us $125 in revenue to use in building our business and supporting our Watkins habit.

So here's my number crunching. Please remember that this is hypothetical but is the beginning of a renewal of vision.

Level 1: Sponsor 24 associates x $500 in sales per month x 5.25% = $630/mo, yuck
Level 2: If 12 of these sponsor 24 each = 288 x $500 x 3.5% = $5040/mo, better
Level 3: If 10% or 28 of these sponsor 24 = 672 x $500 x 3.5% = $11,760/mo, yeah
Level 4: If 10% or 67 of these sponsor 24 = 1608 x $500 x 1.75% = $14070/ mo, oh yeah

Total: $31,500/mo.

Okay so that solves that dilemma. What has renewed my vision is that it's plausible with the right 12 people to develop an organization that will allow me to become financially independent and have the life I want.

It is interesting to me that our training materials say that out of 200 prospects 5 will join immediately and 5 will join later. Thats a 1 in 20 ratio. That's actually very good. It has been true in my life of selling everything from Kirby's to Radio Advertising that the average for most all acceptance of a product, service or business has held at the 30, 3, and 1 principal. If you talk to 30 people, 3 will be interested, and 1 will join or buy.

That's even more inspiring. I only have to share the Watkins opportunity with a maximum of 720 people to get my 24. Holy cow, you mean all I have to do is tell 2 people a day about Watkins in order to reach this goal in 1 year? That's 1 box of 1000 business cards. This isn't so overwhelming. My 4 year old daughter can do that.

Now to study the system.



p.s. There is hope of a life without being stuck in the dog eat dog rat race.

Oh, and one more thing. Just for the fun of it I crunched the numbers on how many associates there is room for just in the US (sorry Canadians) and if 1 out of 10 households became a Watkins customer and each associate had 50 households we would need 2 million 5 hundred 12 thousand associates in the US alone. Following the above hypothetical each organization would only have 2,592 associates. That means that there is room for approx. 3877 of us at the top or 74 top end leaders per state. Does that blow your mind or what? And we have awesome products.

11-22-2009, 11:25 AM
Shane, thank you for posting this!
Watkins has a VERY "do-able" system, and we're supported by EXCELLENT products that are truly usable in our everyday lives.

REAL people, who have only had the training from our system are making this work for them... If we put the same commitment into our business as we've put into our BOSSES businesses over the years, in only a few years we are certainly gaining financial rewards for our hard work...

11-23-2009, 05:59 AM
Thanks Shane! I've been contemplating the same thing lately, and you put it into words so well. It's nice that the Summit Group has already done some of the leg work by creating a duplication system so we just have to learn and implement it.


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