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09-28-2009, 05:29 PM
I am a seasoned breastfeeder now. I've clocked in a total of 51 1/2 months so far and I plan to continue at least 12 more.

Getting started with my first child was no easy task. My hubs and I took the breastfeeding class, where they went over the numerous benefits to me and my baby. They left out the part where it hurt like the ****ens! I was so sore those first three weeks or so. I cried because the baby wanted to eat constantly it seemed. My mom, sisters and friends were saying I needed to stop because the baby was hungry. I finally caved and opened a bottle of sample formula I got at the hospital. I felt like a failure.

What I know now is that all those things I just mentioned are normal. With each new baby it did hurt until my body got used to it. There are effective methods to make you more comfortable in the transition time. You do need to eat well, drink lots of liquids, and sleep as much as possible. This will keep your body strong to keep producing milk. Don't listen to the naysayers. They mean well, but but their negative comments are not helpful. Even if you do supplement to give yourself a little break, your baby is still getting all the good nutrients and antibodies from you when you do nurse.

Surround yourself with other moms who breastfeed and they'll give you confidence and motivation.