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05-10-2009, 06:27 PM
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<div id="post_message_1644478">My
dh is very upset that I'm applying for an online teaching job with K12
for a virtual high school or middle school ELA position. He thinks the
kids are too young (1 &amp; 3), and that I'd be neglecting them even if
I were working from home. I want to know what these types of full time
jobs are REALLY like in terms of the time involved AND the income (is
it comparable to public school jobs?). I have two master's degrees in
my field, 5 years experience on my certificate.

I have access to Mother's Morning Out for 5 days a week for both
children, then comes two hours of nap time afterwards. So from about
8:30-2, I'd have time to teach. Then, I could probably do a little bit
more work while the kids are awake (and I have access to some
neighborhood mother's helper teenagers). In the evenings after 8 pm I
could do more.

Are these jobs more demanding than "regular" teaching jobs? As a school
teacher, I was working constantly (papers, papers, papers) into the
evenings and on week-ends, so I am used to that (though I didn't have
children then).

Is the pay comparable with these private companies or do they pay less
because of the "convenience" of working from home? Is the workload
untenable? Can you have your children at home for part of the day while
you're doing this??

Thanks so much,

Melanie Dove
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05-11-2009, 11:08 AM
Yes, my kids are here... I can work with them here... they are a little older than yours. I did work when they were younger this way but you may just have to meet with student live online when they are away at mother's day out as you stated. It will work, if you make it work. Your hrs. are still going to be grading grading grading and the income will be comparable! :) I never have regretted leaving face to face school. :)
He should not be upset because K12, Inc. is a very good reputable place to work. If you get a job with them, they will talk about everything you need to know. It is competitive, so just do your best to shine. But it is worth it to apply and take the job if they give you an offer.
I am less stressed than I was with commute and worrying about my stupid clothes and on top of it the amt. of childcare costs with 2 kids the ages you are talking about. It is outrageous in childcare expense.
Mothers day out will help you a lot! I grade a lot at night when they are in bed etc.. also.
Make it work, and it will! :) Honestly this is a way better option than a full time classroom position for what teachers make.
You can keep your kids occupied with activities when you must work during the day and they are home. It sounds like your childcare will work out with plenty of time though. 9- 1 should cover any actual time on phone or time with sessions online with kids. :)

05-11-2009, 11:11 AM
PM if u wanna chat more...

05-11-2009, 08:18 PM
Hi Deena! Thanks so much for responding! I tried to pm you, but your box is full.

I just spent about 10 hours doing my 20 question iCademy Questionnaire for high school smileys/smiley11.gif, and now I'm wondering what they'll ask me in the interview (ELA content related questions since the Questionnaire was pretty general and dealt with teaching in general?). Did you have to do the Questionnaire? Are you with a state k12 school or with the International Academy? What grades and subject do you teach? How many students are you assigned? If you'd rather pm me all this, that would be great!!

Do you have any tips on the half hour phone interview? Since I'm not creating curriculum, I'm wondering what the questions will be about. I would be grading and facilitating discussions, right? How can I "shine"?? smileys/smiley10.gif

Thanks you again for your replies! You're the only person I've found who has responded to my questions, so I appreciate it!

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05-12-2009, 03:48 PM
I am leaving my job with K12.

It is very time consuming and demanding. There is little actual teaching...and a ton of paperwork. That is my experience. I spent 10% of my time in teaching and 90% on administrative tasks. If you don't mind that, then this is a good job. Personally, I hated it. I also missed the one on one with kids.

It is not easier or less time consuming than a "regular" job. If anything, it is more - of everything!

On the other hand, I have very good friends who LOVE it and do it with their kids at home, very successfully. The key is to be super-organized.

I don't want to discourage you, just wanted you to see "the other side."smileys/smiley36.gif

Edited to add: I took a 10K paycut from my regular public school job to go with a K12 virtual school.

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05-12-2009, 04:30 PM
I got a pay increase but I don't work for K12... :) They are all different out there. That is true. And I agree that there is more paperwork. But I have been very happy.
I have very little issues with discipline, and that can be such a nice thing as well. Pros and cons to all of it... no job is perfect for sure.
I actually have quite a bit of one on one with kids and get to know them better this way.

05-12-2009, 06:23 PM
SuzeeQue , Thanks SO MUCH for your K12 insights!

What grade are you teaching? I'm applying for iCademy 9-12 ELA or 7-8.

I'm trying to think about what I'd say in the 30 minute phone interview this week. Since they already asked so many questions in the questionnaire, what will the interview be like? Content-related questions? If there's very little teaching involved, what the heck can they ask you? What do you mean by paperwork? How many hours a day over a 7 day week do you have to "work."

If you had a phone interview, could you give me an idea regarding the types of questions they ask? Any lame stuff like, "What is your greatest weakness?" or "If you were on a desert island, what 5 things would you bring?"


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05-12-2009, 07:24 PM
My interview with K12 was different than some of my colleagues who interviewed. I already had an "in" since a good friend worked there and had recommended me. There were no off the wall questions, just stuff about dealing with parents as teachers and handling non-compliant kids with attendance and progress. Typical teacher questions, just translated into an online setting. I do think they ask about strengths and weaknesses, though.

In an average week, I usually put in over 50 hours.

Best wishes to you as you interview!!

Edited by: SuzeeQue

05-12-2009, 08:06 PM
Thanks SQ!

I have two MA's in my field, but 50 hrs a week sounds like too much cause I have a 1 &amp; 3 year old . I can make $18/hr part time grading for ETS. If you don't mind telling me, does your pay average out to around that? Or is it much less? If so, I'd rather just do ETS...

05-13-2009, 04:56 AM
I guess I averaged about 15 - 18 depending on what was happening. I guess the plus to K12 is that it is a steady paycheck, where ETS may not be a 40 hour a week position...not sure about that, though. I have been trying to get on to score with them forever!

05-13-2009, 06:20 AM
You're right, the pay isn't steady and I've heard it is getting less steady (more cancelled sessions, hiatuses, etc.).

Well, that's pretty good money (K12), but I will just hafta see....I probably won't get hired, anyway, but at least I'll have had the interview experience and can learn from that. Maybe I can try again in the future when the kids are older....very interesting! Thanks for the info!

05-13-2009, 07:04 AM
Sending you lots of good wishes!!

Let me know how it turns out!

05-13-2009, 07:27 AM
I thought K12 was salary.. are you just saying that is what it basically averages out to hourly though? That is what it sounds like to me. I am just wondering. :) Are you going back to the regular classroom SuzeeQue?

I have to have a steady pay check and that is one reason I need it versus something like ETS. Another issue is that some states are not hiring very much right now b/c of budget cuts. Some are even looking at cutting funding for state virtual schools. So I am not sure I could even go back to the regular classroom right now... few jobs and many who are competing for them also.
apply with www.aventalearning.com also Melanie. (look at the employment link in top right corner of webpage) I work for them part time as well as another state virtual full time. Aventa does online courses and has their own teachers for those kids who are in regular public schools across the country but need to have online course options for various reasons.

05-13-2009, 07:31 AM
K12 is a salary. Melanie wanted to know what it averaged out to.

I am not going back right now. No one is hiring around here. In the local district where my husband teaches, the BOE fired a bunch of county funded parapro positions, and made lateral moves instead of hiring anyone new. They also did away with graduation coaches and central office positions. It is pretty much the same in all the counties around me.

At this point, I don't know what I am going to do besides my home based biz.

05-13-2009, 11:58 AM

Are you saying that working for K12 is so unsatisfying that you'd rather just be unemployed (or are you guys okay with one main income). Just curious! How long did you work for them? Were you in a subject that had a lot of grading like English?

Deena--thanks for the info! I'll have to look into that, too....have you ever looked into Virtual High School?

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05-13-2009, 12:43 PM

I teach middle history. Every K12 academy is set up differently. But, this is mine: We have a case load of 60-65 students that must have individual conferences each month. You have to track attendance and progress and keep up with standardized testing (2 different tests), which we do as formative assessments 4 times a year, each. That is not the state mandated test - just our tests. We also stress heavily over the state standardized tests. Given all the paperwork, you must generate reports for each student, which is not a click and paste procedure. If students are non-compliant there is paperwork for that,too, if you can actually track them down. Non-compliant students count against your annual review, as do those who do not complete testing. It is very "customer service" driven, as opposed to educational best practices driven. Everything is designed to keep the student enrolled, even if they are not doing the work. I actually get to teach four lessons per week. That is the only bright spot. In between paperwork, you are answering emails and phone calls from parents. I don't mind that, but it is time consuming. That is why I end up working at 10 pm after my son is asleep, and on Saturdays and Sundays. Administration gets really upset with missed deadlines.

Sorry for the rant. When I write it out and read it back, it doesn't sound so bad...but reality is what it is. I'd rather be a secretary.

We are okay with what I bring in from other businesses I am in. We will be loosing some luxuries (like eating out), but I would rather do that than stay where I am. I am interviewing, but education is not in good shape here. Lots of teachers out of work. I called today about a media center para-pro position, which I would rather do for $10 an hour than my daily tasks of paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, and never feeling like I am finished with my day...

05-13-2009, 12:50 PM
Thank you, thank you for all the info! Wow...sounds like a blast.smileys/smiley2.gif I've heard that adjunct instructors for the online universities are also in the customer service biz, not the educational biz...you're trying to keep everyone from dropping out, even if it means you inflate grades, etc. I think the pay there is hideous--averages out to $8/hr a lot of the time, but people without the teaching certificate are even more vulnerable than we are (they just have an MA or even a PhD in their field). So at least we're better off than they are.

But now you say you have friends that love it--what do they love about it?


05-13-2009, 12:53 PM
Also, what's the "proper" reply according to K12 when they ask me in the interview, "How do you deal with non-compliant students or parents?"
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05-13-2009, 01:39 PM
I have not had NEAR that amt. of reporting... because who I work for they have jobs separated so that some do that kind of foot work, and documentation and reporting and instructors just work with the kids specifically and grade etc...
It sounds like you've been like a learning coach/counselor and a teacher all year long, which is way too much.

Yes, I know about Virtual High School.. I thought they were out of Mass. and you needed a state of Mass. Certification though.

05-13-2009, 01:46 PM
And yes, I can understand the customer service type attitude... but I work straight through a district basically and it is more about working with the students... and when ours are non-compliant- they get dropped from the school unfortunately b/c the state has the reporting in place that must show adequate progress, and we give them plenty of opportunity to show progress and success.
You have to focus on communication and doing as much as you can on your part for compliance. But ultimately it is up to the student and parent to put forth their part and their effort in school just as in any school system. But you know I am not the expert for the answer to them as far as exactly what they- K12- are looking for.

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05-13-2009, 02:10 PM
My friends who like it seem to enjoy the administrative work rather than the teaching part. They are also probably more organized than I am.smileys/smiley2.gif I am more of a face to face people person. I really think if you would enjoy being a principal and you are a super-organized, attention to detail kind of person, then you would probably be okay in this position.

As far as the proper answer: keep in constant contact through all methods - phone, email, internal mail systems. Always encourage them and bend over backwards to meet their needs. However, they won't admit that that does not always work.

05-13-2009, 02:13 PM

Our admin told us that we, as teachers, do the most administrative work of any K12 academies. It is because of funding. We get about $2K per pupil in our state, while most K12 academies receive much more equitable funding for their virtual academies. That is a problem, and has a lot to do with my burn-out. If I could just teach my kids and work with them one on one, it would be a great job.

I would ask what kinds of reporting, etc. you will have to do. Ask them for a breakdown of what percentage of your time will be spent on what kind of tasks.

05-13-2009, 02:14 PM
I never though to ask, where do you work?
Are they hiring? smileys/smiley2.gif

05-14-2009, 09:36 AM
Hello, ladies! Well, just finished my phone interview: one of the
questions was "how would you feel about a 2 a.m. weekly conference with
a student?" OMG!http://www.workplacelikehome.com/forum/images/smilies/redface1.gif
I said, "Sounds wonderful!" I guess they REALLY DO mean it when they
mention non-traditional hours. Actually, I said, "well, as long as I
went to bed really early and got a little cat nap the next day, I
should be fine!" Which is true, but I was still shocked!

Also asked about what I would do if I suspected cheating. Asked if I
was familiar with curriculum, asked if I'd taught AP (no), and how did I
find out about them.

I didn't make any huge blunders (I don't think) and they asked no
content related questions at all (the interviewer was a science

He said if interested, they'll call in the next two weeks for an in-person interview...will keep ya'll posted!

05-14-2009, 11:22 AM
Yes, I am not surprised at all. If you are working with any international students the times might be odd, but I wonder if you could possibly work it out to early in the a.m or late in the evening? Instead of something like 2 am. Ack! http://www.wahm.com/forum/smileys/smiley5.gif
Cheating- I have caught it before. And they didn't get a second chance...
AP- that is not a big deal. Most people haven't. I guess they just ask everybody if they have any experience with those kind of courses.
Good luck! I hope they call you again.. if you want them to. :)

05-14-2009, 12:03 PM
Wow! 2 am! Seems like the would be a compromise time better than that every week! As for cheating, I have not caught anyone. I have some who I suspect, but have no way of really checking it.

Good luck and I hope they call you!

05-14-2009, 12:12 PM
Thanks, SQ! That does seem crazy. Maybe they just ask an extreme question in order to feel you out regarding the international kids...I don't know! But it does seem you could do a different time that wasn't as crazy for the teacher! What about at 8 pm their time (8 a.m my time)--something like that....

05-19-2009, 03:45 PM
I work for 2 virtual schools part time. I have a babysitter come in for two four hour sessions per week (I don't have access to mother's day out). However, I don't get to interact with my kids as much as I'd like so dh might stay home and watch the kids and teach part time next year as well.

05-20-2009, 01:35 PM
I noticed from the job openings listed that one of the requirements is travel within the state. How much travel occurs at K12? If I have the appropriate state certification, can I work from out of state? Thanks in advance for any insight. I don't want to take time on the application process if I will not be eligible!

05-20-2009, 01:44 PM
I think you have to be certified within the state that the school is in.

05-20-2009, 04:10 PM
I definitely think you are right that you need the appropriate state certification. I'm just wondering if there is actually travel required for the position as the ad states, or if it can be all virtual.

05-20-2009, 04:51 PM
Travel with my k12 school is that we travel bimonthly to Atlanta, where the school is headquartered. They pay mileage and hotel expenses if you are over 2 hours away. For CRCT (our standardized test), we had to be available to travel wherever they wanted to send us. I was lucky and got sent 20 min. from my house, but a lot of people had to be gone from home for a week, and some for two weeks.

05-20-2009, 04:52 PM
With a k12 school you do have to be certified in the state the school is in.

05-21-2009, 09:09 AM
Thanks for the info, SuzeeQue! I think that bimonthly travel from the New England area might be a bit much! smileys/smiley17.gif

05-21-2009, 11:06 AM
If it is for iCademy though, I doubt you'll be doing a ton of travel. It might still be worth applying. Edited by: Deena

05-22-2009, 07:55 PM
Thanks for the info. I guess I have nothing to lose by applying! smileys/smiley1.gif

06-01-2009, 10:46 AM
Since this is where the virtual teachers are hanging out... I have a question for you.

I'm trying to become more efficient with my work. Do any of you use a smartphone or blackberry to keep up with the e-mails easier? ofcourse possibly have phone calls forwarded to the cell?

What types of communication do your schools supply? For example a vonage line?

06-01-2009, 03:08 PM
Absolutely. I forward all my school emails to it. It allows me to go do things with my own kids, and take a minute to answer an email so that I don't forget later if it is a very important one. And also allows me to know if I need to take some time later in the evening with students if I am out and about.
And mine doesn't exactly 'supply' anything specific. I chose my own phone situation. I use my cell and I get a supplement for the service. A blackberry is worth it.

06-01-2009, 03:44 PM
Deena, I almost like that better. One ofmine supplies a VOIP line that I forward my calls from. The other gives me a "communications" stipend which is supposed to cover both communication and Internet.

06-01-2009, 06:40 PM
Yes, a Blackberry is a good buy. They have a great deal on one at Walmart right now. A curve is like 8-10 bucks and you have a 2 yr. service plan with Verizon. Or you can buy one from Verizon and get one free. At any rate, it is a tax write off, of course. If you work for more than one school or company, it is a very helpful tool. This allows me to meet all the 'email students back in 24 hrs.' basic requirements that they like to ask of us. :)

07-25-2009, 07:27 PM
I applied with K12 in Texas. I received an e-mail with some questions and asked to return them along w/ my resume asap as they will be conducting interviews soon. I am certified pk-6th w/ a bilingual endorsement. I am wondering what the pay will be. I am assuming it will be less than what I made as a classroom teacher. (although we all know thats not a whole lot)
Are you paid year round like with the school district or only the school months?

07-31-2009, 07:52 PM
Hello, I just got a job and the pay is about $7-8k less. But different schools may pay differently...good luck

08-02-2009, 05:25 PM
melid are you from SC? SC has a fairly low average pay anyway. I can only guess that maybe you have lots of experience with the public schools?

08-04-2009, 09:02 PM
All usually pay year around, but I have no experience with K12, and I do not know for sure that they do. I am paid biweekly through my company.

I am not making 7k less... but I don't have a ton of years that I can claim for public school experience either. I did some years in private school also that the state doesn't allow us to count, unfortunately.

Also, I wonder if you can try to negotiate for a little more pay?? Never know. Can't hurt to try when you go through interviews and offers.

08-06-2009, 01:27 PM
good luck with k12, I just recently sent my resume in


12-03-2010, 12:25 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm sorry for bumping up this old thread, but it was the only one I found that had useful information about this subject!

I was just wondering if anyone else had anything else they'd like to share about working as a virtual teacher - particularly for K12? (Especially for the K-8 international academy, or icadamy.)

I have a phone interview scheduled for Monday, and just was emailed an assignment to create two elluminate recordings.

It sounds like a good position, but I'm concerned (like the OP was) about the time commitment and if it's possible to do with young kids at home. (Mine are 5, 4 and 2.) I feel confident I can be online/answer emails quickly, but will probably have difficulty with having a "quiet work environment" -- unless its late at night after the kiddies are asleep.

I'm just trying to figure out if I should take the time to go forward with the interviewing process, or if maybe I should wait another year or two...

ANY information at all would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


12-14-2010, 04:22 PM
LIz you won't need complete silence. I started teaching online classes when mine were preschoolers.
Elluminate will need some quiet time though because you'll be recording it. Elluminate usually takes a little bit to learn though, so you will hopefully be getting a chance to play around in that.
Chances are with the ICademy the kids are international and on opposite time zone, which is okay, but I am not sure how that will work with office hour times you might hold. You can ask many questions if someone contacts you regarding what kind of office hours you need to hold, pay, hrs. etc.
Some positions are hrly, part time and others are full time salary and those will just be questions you'd have to ask them about specifically.
I am sorry I did not see this sooner. How did it go???