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View Full Version : $12 Home Business....Simple! (s)

04-15-2009, 07:27 AM
If you are interested in a simple, christian business that can allow you to develop a solid residual income with a hands free marketing system then you might want to check out Scriptures.
No Selling
No Stocking Products
No Phone Work
No Home Parties
Free Marketing Website
Hands Free Business Building System Available
Affordable and Doable for Everyone
What is Scriptures?
Scriptures is a line of professional, salon quality hair and skin-care products, superior nutritional products, christian teaching cds and more. All of our salon and nutritional products are nature-based, safe and the best you can buy anywhere. And each of our products features New Testament Scripture on the front of each bottle.
All of our Nutritional products are developed in conjunction with our director of nutrition, Charles Vinci. Charles is a two time Olympic Gold Medal winner in weightlifing, set 12 world records and was voted the "the strongest man in the world" pound per pound!
What is Scriptures Business Model?
Scriptures is a program of shared revenues and referral marketingthat allows all of it's participants the opportunity to become a customer and purchase superior one-of-a-kind christian products directly from the company. For those who desire to build a sales group, the opportunity to earn 7% to 25% commission on their entire group sales.
You can become a Scripture Team Member by simply purchasing the products you already use like shampoo and vitamins andthen tell others about the products and how they can also earn when they share them with others.
Scriptures make it affordable to everyone with monthly minimum purchases of only $12.00!! And there is no need to stock product inventory since all members order directly from the company.
So how can I do this if I do not want to talk to anyone and don't know who to market to?
Scriptures designed a business planthat removes the obstacles most people face when starting their own home business.
Sure a company may have good products and you may really like them and want to share them with others, but what the average person lacks is the knowledge,time and moneyto put into target marketing to reach the people they need to make their business grow. And even if you are one that can, the problem isthe peoplein their sales group cannot duplicate it and itstalls the growth of your business.
Scriptures not onlyprovides marketing material andideas on how to market yourself, but they alsooffer a hands-free Co-op advertising program that automatically places people in your sales group every monthby advertising in national publications, giving your prospects free info packs and enrolling them on your behalf and of course providing them with the same great business building tools. They have left out nothing.
This is HUGE! One of the number one reasons people fail athome businesses has been addressed and solved with Scriptures in an affordable simple manner!
If you do the co-op program, your business will grow without you having to ever pick up the phone, talk to a single person, orplan anyof your own marketing if you don't want to.
It really is as simple as these 3 steps
1. Sign Up forYour FREE Info Pack
2.SignUp for the level of ad co-op you desire
3.Order $12 of products like shampoo, lotion, or vitamins

Then watch your business grow! No it won'tmake you richovernight but with time it will grow into a nice income without having to do much. And remember that when the people placed in your sales group join the co-op, you will start to see much faster growth that will snowball. Even if you are other are doing other promotion techniques this is something everyone should do to ensure growth!!
How do I get more Information?
To get your FREE Info pack sent to your house you can call 24 hours a day.....
1-800-585-5873 and you Must leave ID# 157256
Or you can contact me by sending me a message