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11-03-2008, 12:30 PM
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is just around the corner. Don't know what you are going to do about
money? How about gifts? Well, I can help you with both.http://images2.cafemom.com/images/toolbar/icons/kids_stocking.gif</span></span></span></span>

Start working from home for FREE!! Don't spend a penny. If you love candles, or know people who do, this is PERFECT for
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Start with DiamondCreek Candles'</span> </font></font></span>FREE 30 Day trial offer (http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consultants/uid/hisservent). NO CC REQUIRED!</span> </span></font></span>
AFTER</span> your</span> </span></font>FREE trial offer (http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consultants/uid/hisservent),you choose where to go from there; either cancel or choose from our 3 monthly plans:</span></span></font></span>

Silver $5/month</font></span> Gold $9.98/month</font></span> Platinum $29.99/month</span></font></span>

want to have to host parties? That's ok, you don't have to. You can
work strictly from your computer and still make money.....I do. If you
DO want to have parties...then go for it!!!</span>


<ul> Have your own website,

</span></span> Carry no inventory,

</span></span> No monthly quotas,

</span></span> Stock no products and much, much more!</span></span> Commissions up to 6 levels</span></span> Residual Income</span>


Cli</span>ck HERE (http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consultants/uid/hisservent)to learn more</span></font></span></span> (http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consultants/uid/hisservent)

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Amy West

Independent Rep. for DiamondCreek</span> Candles</span>

http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consultants/uid</span>/hisservent</span></span></span> (http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consultants/uid/hisservent)</font></font>

Feel free to send me an email @ awcleanbiz</span>@gmail</span>.com </span></font>

Or send me an IM on Yahoo....Hisservent20002000 or on Google and

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