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View Full Version : MOMS MAKING $$$ TOGETHER !! gbg

04-29-2008, 11:00 AM
My name is Melissa, and I am a
stay at home Mom of twins, a boy and a girl. Since they were born, 5
years ago, I have been trying to make money working from home. I've
tried working with several companies, some I'm sure you have tried
yourself, or at least heard off. Some were free to join and some I had
to become a member and buy a certain amount of points per month. Well,
free or paid for, none of those businesses worked for me. The one that
was free, I had a good amount of signups underneath me, 80 to be
exact. I made $35.00 minus the fees that they added on, I wound up
with $16.34. The ones that I paid for, I wound up making nothing and
spending more money than I would have normally because I had to keep
up with a certain amount of points each month. Finally my husband
said, we can't do this anymore. We needed more money in order for me
to be able to continue to stay at home with my kids.

then turned my interest to a company called GBG. At first, I was more
interested in the vitamins because I was so impressed with the
ingredients...Goji, Mangosteen, Acia Berry, Pomegranate, CoEnzyme Q-10,
Whole Aloe, MSM (for arthritis), and now Amakali (for high
cholesterol), plus whole foods, an energizing blend and all my vitamins
and minerals. All of this for $19.99! I used to pay $35.00 per bottle
for only one of the super-fruits listed above.

decided to give the business a shot. I said to myself, this is the
last thing I'm going to try, whether it works or not. I've been with
GBG now for a month. This is the first vitamin that I have taken that
has actually made me feel better, AND I'm happy to say that I a m part
of the fastest growing team with GBG and that I will be getting paid
this month!! This is the first business that I am finally earning
money with. My upline is making $10,000/month after only 7 1/2 months
with GBG!! And he did thisby using FREE methods of advertising! GBG
is like the Walmart of MLM because it's has products that everybody can
use, it's extremely inexpensive and it's growing to new heights!

GBG is different than any other company that I've tried before.

</font>Why is GBG so different?

What GBG is:

* A Legitimate, 10 year old health and nutrition company that offers natural products that really give results

A company with a patented compensation plan because it is so different
than any other company out there - click here to see the COMPENSATION PLAN (http://www.shopgbg.com/opp_compensation.aspx?ID=329494)

A company that helps build your downline. Just have two people under
you and GBG will start spilling people into your downline with their</font>FORCED MATRIX!
* A company that will pay you two and three times on people in your downline!

A company that backs up their products and opportunity with a 60 day
empty bottle money-back guarantee, so you can try the products and
business with NO RISK TO YOU!

* A company that give you a free
business and free website once you are a customer ( just by purchasing
one product per month for $19.99 plus s&amp;h).

* A
company that will never ask you to purchase more than one product per
month, even if you are making $10,000/month or more..WITH NO MINIMUM

* A company that has
completely changed the way I feel everyday by giving my body more
energy and more focus with their 10 in 1 liquid multivitamin

* The first company in 5 years that has been making me money in such a short amount of time

love to help you find success and be able to stay at home with your
family. Come join us risk-free today to see how GBG can change your
life forever! I will be here to help you every step of the way! To
sign up go to http://www.living-your-dreams.info (http://www.living-your-dreams.info/)
Just purchase one bottle of vitamins per month and your business, website and training are free!

For more info or to have any of your questions answered, please call Melissa at 919-417-6578 or you can pm me anytime!

Have a great day!</font> </font></font></font></font></font></font></font>

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