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View Full Version : No S Diet

04-16-2008, 06:23 AM
I think I read this is in this weeks Woman's World. I found it elsewhere and find it interesting. These are the basics:

There are just three rules and one exception:
<LI>No Snacks
<LI>No Sweets
<LI>No Seconds </LI>[/list]

Except (sometimes) on days that start with "S"

I haven't had time to read too much on it but it sounds like something for me for sure!
I have always been able to watch what I eat easier during the week but not on weekends, with parties, picnics, functions on weekends etc. I am so hungry everyday late afternoon and tend to snack...but if I get myself going just a few days with no snacking between meals, I no longer get hunger pains, your body does indeed get used to it.
I find myself mindlessly eating all the time, including shoving desserts in my mouth every night when I lose control of these habits. When in control, my body is no longer hungry for desserts and does not expect it, but when I do have some, I enjoy it so much more and savor every bite instead of just shoving it in as a habit.
I mean if would add up all the snacking and desserts, I am sure its at least 3500 calories a week, hence one pound, so I know this would work slowly but steady for me. I see people on the other boards asking how much can you lose? It is all dependant on how much you used to snack and eat sugar, which for me right now is ALOT, so right there I know it will work for me...IF I can get on board and stick to it for a least awhile...then I will go off and eat like a pig again, lol..
IfI have one little candy bar, i have 5. It's not like I even enjoy them by the 3rd one. If I know I cannot have any, I am much better off...
Everyday I am miserable in the weight I gained fromwhenI quit smokingbut yet keep eating it, even hearing in my head, "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" lol....I am thinking, wouldnt I rather wake up everyday EXCITED to get dressed and see my reflection in the mirror of how good I look,,,,,,,,rather than eating 5 mini candy bites every day, sometimes twice a day?
The reflection of that mirror can last all day in my mind, where the joy i think I am getting from the sugar only lasts a few minutes.
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