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02-20-2008, 11:55 AM
Hi ladies,

This is my very first post on wahm. I am looking to begin a career in scrapbooking. I am familiar with direct sales as I have been a very successful unit manager with Lia Sophia. The problem is that jewelry is not my passion and I feel like something huge is missing in my life.

After reading and taking in all of the information that you ladies have provided, I feel overwhelmed at trying to choose a company. All of them seem to have incredible benefits. I want to do more than just support my habit. I want to make "good" money selling something that I love.

I have narrowed the choices to 4: two digital companies, Heritage Makers and Cherish Bound, TLC (which has digital and paper based supplies) and Memory Works (paper only).

I am comfortable working with groups of ladies at home parties. I like that idea that I teach them creative ways to preserve their memories in scrapbooks. I have no problem demonstrating new products, techniques, etc. What I am unsure about is how to promote, sell, demonstrate the digital scrapbooks at a home show.

Please share with me information about these companies and help me to decide which to choose.

Thanks so much!

02-20-2008, 12:00 PM
WOW! Those are some good choices! Obviously...I would say MemoryWorks....but that's cause I rep for them. I also rep for TLC....which has some great kits....but the product line is much more limited as I'm sure you've already noticed since you've done your homework! http://www.wahm.com/forum/smileys/smiley2.gif

Unfortunately, I cannot give an opinion on the digital scrapbooking......I've tried it a time or two but could never really get into it....I like to feel/touch the things I put on my pages.....KWIM!

As for MemoryWorks....the start up cost and minimums are VERY low and they also do not have a NO compete clause....so it's very possible that you could sign with them for your paper needs and a digital company for other needs.....if the other company would allow.

Start up with MW is only $35 and the minimums are ONLY $75 per year.....and that's before our discount!

Consultants receive 20% commission on sales.....and take 20% discount on personal orders, business supplies...even clearance items too!

We have several different class kits, make-n-take type things that you can order to teach classes or host parties with friends! It's really fun!

Best of luck to you in your decision! Feel free to PM me or email with questions you might have!

Take Care
Vickie L
[email protected]

02-20-2008, 12:10 PM
HI Kelly,
I'm a consultant for Cherish Bound, and I too of course will say all good choices, but I'm bias :O) I love what I do 100%....I've been on both side of the scrapbooking world. None are better than the other when it comes to teaching people about the importance of keeping track of our memories....but as far as business, it depends on what you're looking for. Time, money, opportunity, future opportunity...and the list goes on.You have experience so you know what you do and don't want,and that gives you an upper hand when picking the biz that's right for you.

Cherish Bound offers SO MANY ways to make a real legitimate income!! We're not limited to home-based parties....I put on workshops, speaking engagements, I'm teaching our Children's writing program in my local schools, and I do personal publishing for people. My passion was alwayswith memory keeping...through trial and error I found Cherish Bound and for me, I felt like I "Got Real" for the first time in my personal memory keeping life. :O) My goal was to preserve at an efficient rate, affordable rate and have something that was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And I found it through Cherish Bound....and now I have it as a business...a VERY SUCCESSFUL one! I love teaching people about story, families, and traditions....we go farther and deeper than just the books. It's so much more than that...it's a movement and a life style that we're helping people--families bring back into their homes.

I'd love to share more with you...let me know if you'd like more information!!

Good Luck with your search!!

02-20-2008, 12:16 PM
What I am unsure about is how to promote, sell, demonstrate the digital scrapbooks at a home show.

I'm adding to my first post.....

We hold home gatherings just like most direct sales companies. It's probably very much the same as what you're used to doing. We play an amazing DVD that shares with the guests the concept and reasons behind story in families and why Cherish Bound came to be...there is never a dry eye when it's done. Go through products and samples....I hold them every week...people come!! The love it! Their very curious and see so many options they don't know where to begin. The workshops and other events are follow-up to the gatherings. Cherish Bound has amazing support and tools for consultants....you don't have to guess or invent any part of it. It's already done for you.

02-20-2008, 01:38 PM
Vicki and Tara,

Thank you so much for sharing with me. I feel that you both are living your dreams and loving it. I think that Vicki's suggestion of combining both paper and digital is a really great way to balance my interests.

I have questions for both of you.

Vicki, when you start with MemoryWorks, is there a business plan that needs to be fulfilled when starting? For example, when I brought on a new recruit to my Lia Sophia team, we asked that she book 6 show in the first 3 weeks to ensure that a solid booking line was started. Does MemoryWorks suggest ways to ensure a strong start?

Tara, where do you hold your gatherings? Are they at your house or at a hostess that books a show from you? Do you show the dvd on a tv or laptop computer? Do you bring samples of work that you have created and show them how they can do the same? Or do you offer to create the books for them for a price, of course?

I'm sorry, I just have so many questions!!

02-20-2008, 01:45 PM
MemoryWorks doesn't enforce or push any type of business plan. The handbook will give you suggestions and ideas on how to become/stay successful, but how you run your business is entirely up to you!

I do very well with online sales....direct sales/orders to friends locally....haven't done too many shows or classes....but that's a personal decision for me.....shortly after signing with MW I needed to return to working full-time.....so I am still balancing all of that along with being a mom, wife, etc! KWIM http://www.wahm.com/forum/smileys/smiley17.gif

That is what I like so much! Right now, I can be just a hobbyist and enjoy the discount and perks for my own personal use......and when I get ready to do MORE.....then I can take it to the next level. With such low minimums....there is NO pressure if life gets in the way occassionally!

Don't be sorry about questions! That's what we are all here for!

02-20-2008, 01:54 PM
Like you, I work full-time and am a wife, mother, etc. I just lovehaving the freedom to do all of the extras with the money I make. If I decide to change over from Lia Sophia, I want to make sure that the potential tomake money is there. Lia Sophia allowed me to earn quite a bitof money that, quite honestly, we got used to having. But ya know, the more you make, the more you spend.

I have a lot more to think about, but I'm getting closer to where I want to be! Thanks a bunch!

02-20-2008, 01:56 PM
Don't get me wrong....the potential with MW is there.....like any other company it all depends on what you do and how much you do right!

I'm still learning a lot in the scrapbooking world...so I just wanna make sure I have all my bases covered before diving into the $$ making part of it.

Best of luck to ya! Don't hesitate on any other questions!

02-20-2008, 03:06 PM
Tara, where do you hold your gatherings? Are they at your house or at a hostess that books a show from you? Do you show the DVD on a TV or laptop computer? Do you bring samples of work that you have created and show them how they can do the same? Or do you offer to create the books for them for a price, of course?

I hold gatherings EVERYWHERE! My house, other's homes, workplaces...I do vendor opportunities (Did Scrapbook Expo, local boutiques and do some traveling with it too).

I show the DVD on a TV if available or a lap top. I bring sample books that I've done and swap with other consultants as well. Customers love to brag about theirbooks too and offer to let me borrow them as well.

I teach customers how to create their own books as well as do publishing for others. Workshops are fun and exciting way to bring everyone together...for example, just did a Best Friends workshop!! It was a blast. I had 9 sets of best friends and they all wrote their BF books together in about 60 min. They're all doing the publishing from home, but I do offer to do that as a service. Most customers find that it's very easy and the publishing center is easy to use and AMAZING!! They love how fast they can get their books done. Most love the simple fact of not having to print photos, buy paper and embellishments...everything they need is right there at their fingertips. Now I for one, love a little hands on too....we have great story products that are more hands-on. We have cute bookmarkers that people can make while waiting for a gathering to start, our Story Starters are amazing at organizing and helping people organize their scrapbooks or use to publish a book with Cherish Bound. I sell to scrapbookers as well, but I have the rest of the population that loves Cherish Bound too. I have men that write their stories, children, the elderly...you name it they're customers.

One thing that I find is working for Cherish Bound is it's what people are doing now....many people are digital. They want to use technology, they love computers, internet...printing pictures is becoming more expensive and all they have to do from here is drag and drop. But....They love that the important part, the story is getting written and organized.

one the thing that people tell me they love themost is that we archive their books. They don't have to worry about getting them ruined and never having another copy and they can buy multiple copies ANYTIME they want. The books are stored in their library forever. I have people publishing 10-15 copies of one book at a time!!

I make a very good amount of $$ publishing for my customers. I have some that don't have time, don't want to, don't have computers...whatever it is, they can't or won't do it themselves...so they pay me. I have a base price and it goes up from there and I charge for the publishing separate. I also do work for customers that is not publishing...scanning photos, editing, typing...that's a second income in itself.

The Children's writing program that we have is amazing too!! That can be a fulltime job or part-time, or hobby. It's incredible!!

Keep the questions coming :O)Edited by: cherishbound176

03-13-2008, 07:33 AM
I'm a rep with I Remember When (I joined for the discount) I don't work it like a business because my other business keeps me busybut wanted to throw out my .2 cents...

Its a business it will only become what you make of it! For me I've got a great group of friends that order from me so I'm getting most of my personal supplies for nothing as I just purchase with my income from there sales. If I was out promoting it I'm sure I could do better BUT I simply joined for the discount on my own supplies.

Best of luck on your new business adventure.

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