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View Full Version : I am telling you the truth! UBAH

02-04-2008, 09:37 AM
Okay so you may be like me. A few yrs back my friend roped me into a DS business, I had no experience, spent ALOT of money on materials, advertising etc. ...well 2 yrs later, that didn't work out. THEN in between that I tried 3 more...well those didn't work out either. Couldn't figure out what the heck, and I really just though #1. Direct Sales SUCKED #2. I needed more experience in sales.

THEN...I have no idea when I came upon Usborne Books at Home, but They had a great special for a starter kit, I talked it over with my husband, who pretty much HAD IT with DS, but agreed with me that, at least we would have books for our daughter.

Well since I started UBAH I have a TON of fun, and after doing my first party I realized how EASY it was compared to the other "high pressure" sales I had to do. There was no "convincing" and the training Party DVD they send in the kit is PRICELESS. Honestly, EVERy party I have done so far I make AT LEAST $100. So for a few hours of work on say, a Saturday, I made $100. My kit was paid for the first party, and I am being frugal this time and NOT spending a ton on sales tools. And I don't NEED to.

I wanted to write all this to let you know I honestly LOVE UBAH, and find it WAY easier than the other businesses I have done, and I feel GOOD about representing a company that supports Literacy through their many programs. AND people are WAY more open to children's (and young adult) books than the "health products, and others" I have done. Don't feel "weird" trying to "convince" people to buy from me. Now people WANT to buy from me! What a complete different feeling!!

So if you want to make $100 a weekend starting out, even if you say you don't want to get into the "party business". I am telling you, I was the same way until #1. I held these books in my hand #2. Realized it was so easy, and all I state are the facts, now the parties are getting easier and easier. Now I am working up the guts to sell to Libaries and schools :0)...well drop me an email I will give you more info. This to me is the FIRST business I have done, that doesn't have all that "hidden" crap, MLM crap and so on and so forth. I've never seen a more honest and generous company! Oh after my first month I earned $50 worth of books for $10...I got that in the mail one day, I had no idea! It is SO nice to be awarded for your effforts ESPECIALLY in the beginning!

If you would like to learn more check out my site www.ubah.com/S2596 (http://www.ubah.com/S2596)
And don't forget to register to WIN $50 worth of FREE books!

Thanks for looking!