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01-06-2008, 05:53 AM
<DIV align=center>Who is this woman?
<DIV align=center>
<DIV align=center>http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v158/tttrac/hellotomorrow.jpg
<DIV align=center>
She's someone who has faith in herself,
<DIV align=center>her familyand her community.
She's got strength. And integrity.
She's a hard worker who strives for the best. <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><?:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P></O:P>
When the going gets tough, she gets going.
She nurtures those who need it, she's devoted to her family, <O:P></O:P>
and she's a loyal friend.
She's a champion of women's causes.
She's someone who makes a difference.
Who is she? This woman is you!
She's also her own boss.

<DIV align=center>As an Avon Representative,she decides when to work and how much to earn.
<DIV align=center>She see's an opportunity and says
<DIV align=center>"Where do I sign up?" (http://theresachambers.com/)

<DIV align=center>
Become part of a powerful network of women partnered with a
<DIV align=center>leading beautycompany that's been in business
<DIV align=center>for over 120 years.
<DIV align=center>Start by joining 5+ million Independent representatives behind AVON.<O:P></O:P>
Exclusive Avon Advantages
<DIV align=center>No Inventory required
<DIV align=center>Minimal Start up Fee
<DIV align=center>Sell Then pay
<DIV align=center>Earn up to 50% commissions
<DIV align=center>
<DIV align=center>Jointoday and begin your journey towards tomorrow and a bright new future with
<DIV align=center>an Experienced OnlineUnit Leader who is part of an Award winning Team.
<DIV align=center>Each new representative receives a Welcome Packet full of information and helpful ideas to build your business<O:P></O:P>
<O:P></O:P>There is never a bad time to join. Valentine's Day, Easter. Mother's Day and Father's day are just around the corner.
<DIV align=center>Click below for more information
<DIV align=center>
<DIV align=center>Avon FAQ (http://download-v5.streamload.com/ae551d99-404a-4804-b4e9-c2dd5f883707/myavon4you/Hosted/Avon%20FAQ.pdf)<O:P></O:P>
View Opportunity Video here (http://knowledgeonline.youravon.com/content/external/intro/wrapper.htm)<O:P></O:P>
If you have any problems or questions Email Me (myavo[email protected])<O:P></O:P>
Go to <O:P></O:P>
http://start.youravon.com (http://start.youravon.com/)
enter reference code: theresachambers

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