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View Full Version : Attn ALL REPS....

08-14-2007, 10:48 AM
<TABLE =ygrp-desc cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0>
<DIV =group-deion>We need YOU! Our new shopping group is up and ready to roll. We still need reps from almost all companies! Our grabbing starts tomorrow, the 15th...a little different than most shopping groups.
<DIV =group-deion>We are also having a referral contest, so once you join,
<DIV =group-deion>you could be eligible for a $25 gift certificate!!!
<DIV =group-deion>
<DIV =group-deion>http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/TheShoppingGirls/

Although this is a new group, it's moderators have over 5 years yahoo/shopping group experience. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe venue for networking, recruiting, and shopping. COME and JOIN US!!!
<DIV =group-deion>
<DIV =group-deion>GROUP Guidelines:

- 2 consultants per company. Consultants may represent up to 3 different companies.
- You must purchase once a month, from someone who has not previously been purchased from.
- Minimum purchase amount is $10, after any discounts, but before shipping and tax.
- ALL Purchases must be completed by the 10th of each month or you will be removed from group.
- Grabs are available starting on the 15th of the month, at noon Central time.
- Members must be on Daily Digest or Individual Emails. No Email or special notices are not acceptable, except by moderator approval during illness, vacation, etc.

***Companies with 2 reps so far: Creative Memories
***Companies with 1 rep: At Home America, Close to My Heart, Create A Can, Diamond Creek Candles, Enchanted Potions, Gold Canyon Candles, Home and Garden Party, Homemade Gourmet, Honey Bear Creek, InitialsInc, Latasia Jewelry, Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Seriesse Intl, South Texas Naturals, Taste of Home Entertaining
<DIV =group-deion>
<DIV =group-deion>
<DIV =group-deion>Please no adult related, or MLM companies. Member approval at moderators' discretion.

www.diamondcreekcandles.com/t735 (http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/t735)


08-16-2007, 12:23 PM
What is a grab?

08-16-2007, 12:38 PM

A "grab" on shopping group is basically reserving someone to shop with for the month. So if you were a member, and I wanted to shop with you, I would post tothe group "Grab-Elsie". We open up to grabs every month on the 15th, and members have two weeks to shop.
It's a commonly used term on all shopping groups :) I hope that helped a little. We would love to have you join us if you're interested!


08-16-2007, 06:49 PM

So if you grab , that is who you will purchase from, in order to fulfill the requirement by the 1oth the following month?

My only other concern in joing is that some companies have higher ticket items and really don't have $10 selections, how does that pan ou?

How long will this group go on? How long will you keep it up? How do you keep track whose purchased from who so that no one is left out?

Thanks for your responses, this is very new to me and it makes me nervous to commit to a monthlypurchase.

08-16-2007, 07:08 PM

I've belonged to several groups over the last few years. We keep track of who buys from whom in a database, so no one is left out. If you have a budget, then your goal would be to grab/reserve someone/their company which you have staked out before hand, and you know their products, etc.

Some shopping groups go on for years! Of course, you have members drop and new members come aboard, so the companies and products rotate all the time :)

I have found all the companies I represent through shopping groups. I do most of my birthday and Christmas shopping through my groups, too.

There are alot of groups out there. Some are new, while others have been around for awhile. Just be sure you join one with experienced owners/moderators. It can be confusing keeping any group up, much less a shopping group!


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