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View Full Version : Partially Hydronated Oil

05-18-2007, 11:33 AM
I was at aerobics this morning talking to one of the girls(skinny girl) and she told me that after her last kid she hada hard time losing the last 15 lbs (that's the boat I am in)and at that point she was at an aerobics class talking to someoneand they recommended cutting out Partially Hydronated Oil. Don't quote me on all this that she said..I'm looking into it myself right now.. but she says that
It takes over 900 calories to burn one pound of fat. (which is true)
Then she says with Partially Hydronated Oils the oils bond or something like that and isn't able to be broken down very well, if at all storing it as fat (cellulite) she said it takes 3 times as many calories to break it down.
She has quit eating foods with it and dropped the weight easy. She really wasn't eating very many things but even just one thing, had her holding onto some weight. She loves chocolate and eats with with peanut butter everyday. (she eats Skippy Natural peanut butter or something like that..) it doens't have that oil in it and she says it tastes really good not like other natural peanut butter.
She also said that Partially Hydronated Oil is linked to cancer and infertility. I can't remember everything else she said but this was the jist of it. Not everything has it. Most fast food does but not In and Out. You can eat there. Tortillas have it. Most crackers do but Triscuts don't.
I just thought it was an interesting concept and so I thought I would post it. Using Comman sensethough, if we would just eat less processed foods and more veggies, fruit and natural foods we would be a lot better off.

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