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View Full Version : Calories Burned...

05-15-2007, 07:07 PM
I do my stationary bike about 5 days a week and aim for 700 calories burned (my bike shows the time, distance and calories). I read somewhere that you should burn 1/2 of what you take in daily to lose 1-2lbs. per week. Does anyone know if that is accurate?

(I also started doing pilates, but only do it twice a week, not sure how many calories that burns though)

Another Viewpnt
05-16-2007, 05:34 AM
Hi Jamie,

In order to burn one pound of fat, you need to shave off 3500 calories via diet and exercise. So if you want to lose one pound per week, you'd shave off approximately 500 per day (500 cals per day X 7 days per week = 3500 cals in one week = approximately one pound).

Ideally what you do is break this up between diet and exercise. For example, shave 250 off your maintenance cals, and add in an exercise that burns 250 cals per day.



BTW -- the cals burned according to the excercise bike tends to be a pretty rough estimate. If you'd like a better estimate, you can invest in a heart-rate monitor.

05-16-2007, 08:38 AM
Thanks Becky, this was very helpful :) I think I'm going to look into getting a heart rate monitor as well.

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