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  1. Bats Are Dying Now? WTF!
  2. Why Are The Pot & The Kettle STILL Black?
  3. Gadhafi to lead African Union
  4. Good for her...Michelle says "no" to celebs...
  5. Did you see how low the Stock Market was today?
  6. Want to print more money?
  7. Russians Protesting
  8. pot head Phelps
  9. National Emergencies Centers for Establisment Act
  10. Martial Law Declared In Kentucky
  11. More Birds Falling From The Sky In New Jersey
  12. Pelicans fall out of sky from Mexico to Oregon
  13. Kamie
  14. Who's Side are You On?
  15. Are we doomed
  16. I urge you to go to this site
  17. A better middle
  18. Buy American???
  19. Genetically Engineered Seeds
  20. Congressional republicans are absolute idiots
  21. It passed
  22. What if?
  23. Eating Disorders
  24. More Hidden Stimulus Agenda
  25. for those that like Sarah
  26. They're Baaaccckkk!!!
  27. I knew this would happen
  28. FSC cigarettes the new so called fire safe cig
  29. Geithner is in!
  30. Icelands government collapses
  31. Dems' New "Stimulus Package"
  32. Is Obama the Antichrist?
  33. The Lord Cometh
  34. Obama 68% (Reagan 51%)
  35. Repubs Want to Ban Gitmo Detainess from U.S. Soil
  36. 10 Million Unemployed
  37. So I rented
  38. March for Life
  39. Donors of Obama's Inauguration
  40. Social Returns vs. Job Skills
  41. Interesting
  42. Ice Cream in His Honor
  43. Today's Front Pages
  44. Who's watching whom?
  45. Sworn in Again
  46. I feel like I'm living a dream!!?? Huh?
  47. When White will embrace what is Right!
  48. Remember?
  49. Hey, Hey Good-bye
  50. Is the recession over?
  51. Abraham Lincoln
  52. Krispy Kreme Abortion Donuts??? WTH?
  53. The huge expectations of Obama
  54. Interesting article - must read!!!
  55. 23 Minutes in Hell
  56. just passing this along...
  57. Obama didn't watch Bush's Farewell Address
  58. Nazi named children removed
  59. let's play make believe
  60. I know we love polls!
  61. Timothy Geithner
  62. Presidential Term Limits
  63. This might ruffle some feathers....
  64. Gun Laws
  65. What is your solution?
  66. Limited Edition Barack Obama.....Placemats
  67. Should Obese Individuals Be Required To Pay....
  68. Too fat to adopt
  69. how bad is it?
  70. Should they ban cell phones while driving?
  71. Economists Warn Against Feeding Trillion $ Deficit
  72. Speaking of Bush....
  73. me babbling
  74. Contraceptive pills may harm male fertility
  75. Toot Tax
  76. hope and change
  77. Powerful Statements on Al Jazeera Television
  78. John Travoltas 16 yr old son passed away
  79. Commission Urges 50 Percent Hike in Fuel Taxes...
  80. inauguration ball 2009
  81. Who's responsible for what our children eat?
  82. The topless pics of Obama
  83. "SWAT" raid on Ohio family
  84. Saudi judge refuses to annul marriage of girl, 8
  85. Safe Toys
  86. Personally what would you do?
  87. inauguration ceremony
  88. Russian Warships Visit Cuba
  89. Explain to me why he chose Rick Warren?
  90. Times are tough...
  91. McCain Team Sells Info-Rich BlackBerrys to TV Stat
  92. Time's Person of The Year 2008
  93. Toy Guns
  94. Murray vs. Paulson
  95. John Welshes son case is now closed!
  96. Would'nt this be nice???
  97. Gas Prices: Enjoy it While it Lasts
  98. Like him or not, this is a good idea
  99. Child's remains found near the Anthony home!
  100. GWB may be drinking heavily again
  101. Once you go Black, you won't go Back
  103. This is truly Sad ;-(
  104. Amster........Damn!
  105. Abortion Gift Certificates
  106. Topic gone?
  107. Welfare and State laws
  108. Should cell phones, etc., be allowed...
  109. Another JC Penny Story - Employee lied to me...
  110. "We started the war" admits Saakashvili
  111. The National Security Team
  112. A Gay Quiz?
  113. This is what we are facing
  114. Happy Thanksgiving
  115. FBI Warns of Possible Terror Plot Against New York
  116. What Kind of Political Parties are Here ?
  117. Woman sues JC penny hair salon
  118. Is this some kind of record?
  119. Teen’s Webcam Suicide
  120. The Church and Prop 8
  121. If You Get A "Redistribution Check..."
  122. Obama:Hawk in Sheeps Clothing
  123. The Chinese Want To Buy The Big 3!
  124. CEO's Flying In Private Jets Want Bailout Money
  125. World leaders don't shake hands with Bush at G20
  126. According to Joy Behar...Homeschool = Demented
  127. Where's Our Bail Out??
  128. Obama criticism from Al-Qaida
  129. Black People Blamed For Proposition 8 Passing
  130. How Obama got elected...
  131. Hillary to be Obama's Secretary of State
  132. Just when I thought I've seen it all...
  133. Race crimes continue to grow since election
  134. Obama's birth certificate still an issue
  135. get out those tin foil hats!
  136. If you liked Sarah Palin...
  137. Greta Argues with O'Reilly over Carl Cameron 'goss
  138. Isn't it sad?
  139. Anyone else find this disturbing?
  140. Local events so depressing....
  141. 2nd Amendment Rights
  142. A Family Friend??
  143. Noah's Ark
  144. Robotic Surgery
  145. On a positive note...
  146. Phsyco Woman on Hannitty And Colms
  147. Chemical Dumbing Down of America
  148. Ignorance at it's best...
  149. Election of a 47-year-old leader
  150. I want to say Thank You for all Our Veterans!
  151. Carl Cameron's reliable source
  152. South Park episode of the election
  153. Failure to blow election stuns Democrats
  154. Thought we need this right now
  155. Obama National Holiday
  156. Portable-ish Nuclear Power
  157. Obama's aunt
  158. Not Because we are Better than Everyone Else....
  159. Where Does it Stop?
  160. "Impeach Obama".... already??
  161. Do you have an IRA
  162. Where's Toot?
  163. Ariz. boy, 8, accused of killing 2, including dad
  164. Equal Rights
  165. Freedom of Speech and Schools?
  166. If you say Obama's name...
  167. The American Dream
  168. More on forced volunteerism
  169. An Obama supporting teacher...
  170. Obama takes a dig at Nancy Reagan
  171. WOW, Required now = volunteering?
  172. ‘Slightly Creepy Cult of Personality’
  173. and This is What You Got..
  174. And so the lies begin....
  175. Military Spending
  176. Internet Army???
  177. Humor me...What do these people
  178. Share the Wealth Has Already Started!
  179. With a credit based economy...
  180. New Bailout Bill
  181. While we're busy arguing about....
  182. Creation vs Evolution
  183. Electronic cigarettes...what a trip!
  184. 2 billion bees!!!
  185. This is who you wanted?
  186. Internet subscribers being limited
  187. Ron Paul with Alex Jones 11/5/08
  188. News that didn't make the news
  189. My Honey Cant Come See Me!
  190. Wanna buy a yacht?
  191. Now that it is over Christmas !!
  192. Left over campaign funds?
  193. Breastfeeding
  194. How did your state do?
  195. News making news
  196. Is it true..
  197. Michael Crichton dies of cancer
  198. Russia slams U.S., threatens missile deployment
  199. The Infallible Maestro?
  200. Stock market
  201. We Have a new President
  202. My liberal friends
  203. Is it obsolete?
  204. Sickening
  205. It's Over...Now Make Me Love Him as Much as You Do
  206. Anybody watching?
  207. What states is McCain expected to take?
  208. OMG I just cast a PAPER Ballott!
  209. What are we going to discuss once it's over?
  211. Campaign Humor from the Queen
  212. Cool Interactive Election Map
  213. It's official. McCain's gonna lose...
  214. Voter Intimidation in PA - Black Panthers
  215. Will you support the winner?
  216. Voter fraud in Georgia, FL and OH
  217. Main Stream Media
  218. Are you cancelling out your spouse's vote?
  219. How does it work...
  220. Long lines
  221. Anyone else here nervous about.....
  222. not voting
  223. Obama's birth certificate has been released!!
  224. Where's Bill and Hillary?
  225. Cure for cancer not being told to public?
  226. Nostradamus predicts winner
  227. One More Before 11/4....
  228. Palin Cleared in Troopergate Case?
  229. So...who is going to be in a better mood Wed?
  230. Obama's grandmother
  231. Open Letter to Obama From a Texan
  232. Obama and education
  233. Press Release from Ohio Coal Association
  234. Protest being held at LA times to release tape
  235. Tell my why I should vote for McCain?
  236. So now 70k is middle class.
  237. Constitution flawed
  238. Positives about McCain
  239. Hollywood if Obama loses!!
  240. lower your exceptations!
  241. Obama to bankrupt Coal Industry
  242. Will the election be delayed?
  243. the biggest worry is what we don't even know about
  244. Boy Tries To Steal McCain/Palin Signs
  245. Free coffee at Starbucks if you vote
  246. Police: Obama Supporter Attacks 75-Year-Old Man
  247. Male Obama Supporter Attacks Female McCaine Fan
  248. McCain on SNL
  249. 7-11 for McCain?
  250. New meaning to 'mean ol' lady'