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busybeeetiff 04-04-2013 05:24 PM

iLA - Compliments Your Current Biz, Helps with Taxes & Generates you More Income!
Heard of the Inspired Living Application?

The Inspired Living App, is a one of a kind, Personal Development mobile application that makes it possible for the average person to profit from the exploding mobile application industry!!

Check out my team's 5 Step Action Plan to Success with iLA!

For all you Moms who are already rocking out another business - iLA will compliment your business!

You'll be receiving inspiring, motivating, educational videos each week through the App that will move you towards personal growth, success, and well being in all areas of your life, including your other business(es)!! All that and you'll be generating an extra stream of income!!

Associates with iLA, get their own Website, Back office, Training tools, Resources Along with Full access to the Awesome App filled with Quality content AND the Ability to Earn Residual income and Big Bonuses -- Becoming an associate costs $9.95 a month - As an Associate you have the Ability to earn $2500++ per month!

PLUS We just received BIG NEWS of a new app we are releasing next month on our Conference Call last night!!

iLA Tax Shield App!! It will help you get the maximum deductions when you do your year end taxes for your Home Business. It will keep track of everything for you, send you reminders and allow you not to have to keep a bunch of paperwork and receipts -- It organizes it all for you!! and gets you ALL the deductions you may not even have thought about!! DON'T Miss This!! Anyone who has a home business will benefit greatly from the iLA Tax Shield App!!

Learn more about the Amazing iLA Opportunity and see our iLA 5 Step Action plan to success with the Inspired Living App on our team website at Rich Living App

If you have any questions let me know - I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!!

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