ICANetwork, The best mobile technology company

  • Location to real estate
    Is what timing is to marketing.

    Google now says that more than 50%
    of all searches comes from a
    mobile device.*

    Google’s Larry Page announced that
    “Android handsets are activated at
    1,300,000 per day.”*

    To reach out and touch someone it’s
    no longer by phone but by smart phone.
    If you want to reach a hungry market,
    most businesses are starving when
    it comes to help navigating mobile

    They want to buy, they just don’t
    know how.

    For yourself, your own business, or
    to help businesses grow, you can
    now cash in with the
    internet’s newest technology.

    You need to be mobile ready,
    Mobile Marketing is not the future
    - it is now.

    That means:
    Every business must move with the
    mobile technology or they will
    get left behind.
    - These products sell.

    If you looking to find a second
    income, with products that real
    and with a company that is going
    to be around for a long time.
    Than ICANetwork is what you are
    looking for.

    ICAN Network is a technology service
    company that is leading the charge
    with mobile technology

    ICAN Network has quality products,
    at a low cost, priced right for
    the small business owner.

    Review ICAN Network Products:
    Mobile website conversion
    Custom phone app
    First page Google (local SEO)
    phone app included in local SEO
    Free QR codes.
    Social Media Managemt

    Multiple ways to earn and unlimited
    income potential with this
    business opportunity.
    -offer our services
    -customize the mobile apps for
    your customers
    -build your team of IR’s, SIR’s
    and Founders.
    -do all of the above

    Learn more about business opportunity
    and review ICANetwork products here

    ICANetwork, A Mobile-Marketing Business Opportunity!

    (*source: businessinsider.com,
    & plus.google.com
    *Cisco.com ‘Global Mobile Data
    Traffic Forecast Update, 2010-2015)


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