PiggyBankGPT! Get paid today!!!!

  • Hello all you work at home mom's!!

    My name is Trina aka TreeMarie I'm an Assistant Admin for PiggyBankGPT.

    Let me tell you a little about us. We opened in Feb 2010, and are fastly growing. We look forward to new members joining everyday!!

    How do you get paid you may ask?? Well Publishers pay us (PiggyBankGPT) to advertise for them. And we pay you to click on and submit offers! Easy right!!! Now you maybe sitting there thinking "Is this site legit?" Yes we are 100% legit, and we have payment proofs to prove it!

    Now here's some things about us if I have you on the hook thus far;

    ~ We offer a 20% direct and 5% indirect referral rate. Meaning if someone signs up under you, and they complete offers. You will receive 20% of their earnings!! Indirect means if YOUR referral gets a referral and THEY complete offers....you get 5% of what THEY make!!! How cool is that!!! Aaaand while keeping on the referral talk, we offer.50 bonus when your referral completes an offer of .25!!!!

    ~ We offer a very low cashout...$2!! And better yet it's instant!! Sent directly to your Paypal account!!!

    ~ We also have monthly contests where the winner who completes the most offers will receive at least $100!!! Also have daily contests as well. And every other month or so is a big prize contest!!

    ~ PiggyBank has a very friendly community with super nice Admins and Mods, including yours truly

    ~ Cutting edge design!!!

    ~ Great paying FREE offers! Including trial offers where you can make some great money!!!

    ~ And we also offer, an Offer Match guarantee. Meaning, if you see an offer that pays higher on ANY other GPT site send us a message with the offer and the name of the site and we will match it!!! Awesome right!!!

    So what are you waiting for!!!! Click the link in my signature and get going!!!!


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