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Old 08-20-2009, 06:38 AM
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Default Autism, Transfer Factor and The DAN Protocol Part 2


Vitamins, Essential fatty acids, Amino acids, Minerals, Enzymes and co-enzymes

Supplements for Autism

Included are brand names with the supplements, to be helpful and help identify some of the best quality brands. If you are obtaining your supplements from other sources, make sure that they are casein and gluten free and please please please pay attention to the quality and types of various nutrients in your supplements…if you have not educated yourself about why certain forms are best then it is best to stick to the recommended brands until you have had the time to educate yourself about it and/or unless your bioprofile analysis shows differently.. They should be artificial sweetner free and dye free as well. Different children will have different needs. You will have to experiment with what works best with your child. Testing right away can help you narrow down the most important things for your child.

This list of supplements works well for many Autistic children. The most important fact to remember is that different Autistic kids responds to different treatments, our job is finding the treatment that makes a big difference!

FOUNDATIONAL SUPPLEMENTS (basically needed for all autistic people):

Transfer Factor: This is the first substance that makes a substantial difference in having a lot of autistic children become more sociable, co-operative, calm, having great eye-contact and more speech. Transfer factor is extracted from colostrum and chicken eggs. It can be given by injection or orally. A lot of people notice a difference in less than a week or two. Transfer factor also improves the environment in the gut. Whether it is from vaccine damage or not, children with autism experience inflammation of the gut and Transfer Factor helps reverse this dramatically. With everything these kids go through their immune systems are very overburdened and operate in primarily a TH2 state (promotes allergies, asthma, autoimmune etc.) and Transfer Factor educates and supports the immune system to work properly balancing TH1 and TH2 giving their bodies the support it needs and thus enhances and allows everything else you do to work properly and better!

4Life makes the best non-specific transfer factor available.
Contact me with any questions about ordering
You start with 1 capsule 2x 1 day, then 3x 1 day, increasing up to 3 capsules 3x/day
Dr. Peter Bock had the kids maintain this dosage for 3 months, then backed off to 1 capsule, 3x/day for maintenance.

contact me with questions.

Vitamin/Mineral Supplement -Making sure they get the nutrients they need is of course important. DANplex (Phone: 1-800-792-6670). This is a vitamin/mineral/amino acid nutritional supplement, compounded by Hopewell Pharmacy. There is also a good tasting multi-nutrient -NSI Synergy PediaPower Children's Chewable Multi- Vitamin with Iron from vitacost.com
4Life makes a great childrens chewable that also includes transfer factor.

Cod Liver Oil It is important not only for the EPA and DHA but the vitamin A (the "cis" form) from cod liver oil. It turns out that most of the vitamin A (including vitamin A from beta-carotene), is in the "trans" form, a form that we cannot utilize. The "cis" and "trans" forms are mirror images of each other; the "cis" form works better on the human body. Also a good source of Vit D for those in colder climates and those who are not in the sun enough in winter since vit D is very important.
Recommended high vitamin cod liver oil brands are Garden of Life Old World Icelandic Cod Liver Oil and
Dr. Ron’s High Vitamin Old Fashioned Blue Ice Pure Cod Liver Oil

EFA’s -- Other important EFA’s include CLA and GLA. Personally, I alternate a EFA supplement with these and Cod Liver Oil with my kids every other day to make sure they are getting these too.

4Life makes a very good comprehensive blend --
Please contact me with any questions about ordering.

Digestive Enzymes: These help to break down the foods that the kids eat, into absorbable components. Most of the kids have very poor digestion.

4Life Enzy-Rite contains 4Life’s exclusive NDS Enzyme Blend is a great blend and can be opened up and sprinkled on food or mixed into drinks for kids---
contact me with any questions about ordering

Enzymedica enzymes have an effervescent drink form for children who have a hard time with pills and do not want to blend opened capsules into food.
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autism, dan protocol, transfer factor

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