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Old 08-20-2009, 06:36 AM
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Default Autism, Transfer Factor and the DAN Protocol part 1

Autism and Transfer Factor

Transfer Factor is a part of the DAN Protocol recommendations. Read More about the DAN protocol and how transfer factor can help.

For the parents that have followed the "Defeat Autism Now!" protocol faithfully, in almost its entirety, their children have made great gains. It has been reported that a fifteen- year old non-verbal male started speaking after correcting some of the biochemical abnormalities. Another eighteen- year old young lady started speaking for the first time after her biochemical abnormalities were regulated. There is now a protocol that is so effective that it is claiming 85 percent improvement! When you balance your child biochemically, all the other therapies work so much more easily, whether it's Applied Behavior Analysis (A.B.A.), Occupational Therapy (O.T.), Speech Therapy, etc. The child is happier, calmer and more focused. Very often, the child starts to retain what he is taught. One child even lost his "stim" behaviors after chelation. There is now some evidence that the gains made from ABA are not sustained as the years go by. It is believed that if the biochemical problems are not corrected, the toxins will eventually take away the gains one makes with the other therapies in many cases. There are no promises, but if you don't try, you'll never know how far your child can go!

In both Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, the sages believed that there were only two ways to health: one was to correct deficiencies; the other was to get rid of toxicities.

In Autism, the toxicities often are:

Mercury (and other heavy metals). Most Autistic children, genetically, cannot detoxify well. So when these heavy metals accumulate from vaccines in the form of Thimersol, (a preservative), in dental amalgams, in utero, from the mother's blood, seafood, water, etc., these children run into more trouble. Mercury toxicity creates a clinical picture very similar to Autism, even in adults.

Mercury binds to sulfur in cysteine, an amino acid present in many enzymes. There is solid evidence that one of these enzymes shuttles the innocent immune stem cells into the pathway Th1. In the absence of this enzyme, these cells get shuttled into the pathway Th2. The pathway Th1 converts the immune cells to fight viruses and yeasts. The pathway Th2 converts the immune cells to cause food allergies, asthma, eczema, and autoimmune diseases. Which pathway do you prefer? That is why, in Autistic kids, many have food intolerances and high yeast overgrowth. It might also be why many people believe that the predisposed infant cannot fight the measles virus in the MMR vaccine and ends up with Autism, days, weeks or months after the MMR vaccine (National Vaccine Information Center ? Vaccine Watch Dog) Evaluation and chelation (removal) of mercury and other heavy metals is a must. If the child has mercury dental amalgams, they must be removed ASAP!

An important finding is that about 85 percent of Autistic kids are high in Copper and low in Zinc. Furthermore, these kids are very low in an important protein call Metallothionein, or MT Protein. This MT Protein acts as a magnet to Mercury and protects the Autistic individual from further harm caused by mercury, among other important functions. This protocol claims that even older Autistic individuals can be helped, that great gains could still occur. Very often, parents of older Autistic children despair because it seems that there is nothing that can help these children. It seems that this particular protocol can help! Still, generally, the younger the child, the faster and more the improvements are. Also, the sooner that the casein and gluten free diets are started, the faster the progress is.

Food intolerances - because of toxins, maldigestion and abnormal gut flora, Autistic children develop the "leaky-gut" syndrome. Chains of amino acids (peptides) that are not supposed to leak through the bowel membranes into the bloodstream, do. This, in turn, sensitizes the body to these foods. Also, these peptides mimic eurotransmitters, so that they bind up the normal neurotransmitter receptor sites, affecting the development and function of the brain, adversely (This problem is metabolic and not just immunologic). The most common allergens and peptide sources are: casein (all dairy products), gluten (in wheat, barley, rye, oats), soy, and corn. Please note that eating one crouton is as bad as eating a whole loaf of bread. It has to be 99-100% avoidance. There are many hidden sources of gluten and casein. For instance, it is reported that McDonald's French fries are coated with gluten to keep the fries from clumping together, and yet this gluten does not show up in their product list.

A good resource is the Feingold diet. Also check on the websites that are in this synopsis. Again, just because your child does not go berserk after casein or gluten, it does not mean that they are O.K. with these substances; there is the problem of delayed hypersensitivities that symptoms do not show up until days later. Also, the byproducts of casein and gluten are toxic to the brain and will prevent your child from recovering as far as he or she should. Many Defeat Autism Now! Doctors would not even enter a treatment agreement with you unless you agree to be serious about this diet! I know how hard this diet is; I have been on this diet, too for my fibromyalgia!

Yeast - because of the reasons mentioned previously, overgrowth of yeast happens in the majority of these kids. The byproducts of yeast overgrowth are toxic to the Autistic child. One must control yeast by diet (there are many books on yeast-free diets), anti-yeast medications (Diflucan, Nystatin, etc.) and pro-biotics (different strains of lactobacilli - some are tougher than others; some do not survive in the hostile environment of the gut). Remember that a normal IgG or IgM antibody test against Candida is not indicative of having no problems with yeast. The IgA test is the important one to see if there is yeast in the gut. There are excellent books on yeast-free diets. Most importantly, avoid sugar-laden foods!

In Autism, many children are picky eaters. Even if they are not, they often lack necessary enzymes and liver function to digest and absorb properly.
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autism, dan protocol, transfer factor

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