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Default Facebook is more demanding when it comes to paid marketing

Originally Posted by Julie312 View Post
I have pretty much dropped Facebook, for both personal and business. They cut my post exposure down to almost nothing and spending money to advertise didn't help much. Add in all their privacy and censoring issues and I'm done with them. I wish I could get off altogether, but some of the hobbies and people I like use it to communicate updates, unfortunately.
Has anyone else dropped Facebook and did you notice any difference in your business?
I also used Facebook for promoting me website. Firstly I used to work on it religiously to grow organic audience but very soon I discovered that it is futile and it will take me ages before I reach some 1k post views organically. So the only option was to spend money on paid advertising.

My first campaign was very cost effective and it yielded very good results at low cost. However Facebook started to increase their charges for the same number of views for the same audience in my subsequent paid campaigns. This was really surprising!

I very soon discovered that Facebook wants me to spend more money. They just want to exploit my need and earn more money from me which was really disappointing.

I still know that Facebook is the best platform for marketing and promoting your content, but their greed for money is really unacceptable. Small household business owners like me cant really afford this. So I decided to switch my focus from Facebook to Pinterest which is yet another good platform for traffic and promotion.
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