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I am very interested in working with you. I am familiar with software that generates leads. I have worked with Five9 in the past for a company called Democracy Data. It used to be OnPoint. I also am very familiar with following scripts and making outbound calls. I think I would be a great candidate for this position.

I worked for Democracy Data on different levels. When I started, my job was to secure letters we write on behalf of an advocate. Of course, without breaking confidentiality, we spoke with people in different states about current political issues. Using information obtained during our phone call, we would write the letter for the advocate, then send it to the advocate to sign and forward on to that person’s state representative.

After a few months, I was promoted to editor. I edited the letters other writers worked on. This led to lead editor for a short period of time.

The work slowed down, and I moved on to another job. I worked for Asurion as a CCR in the technical department. I was promoted to CCRII after a period, and then to PA (Peer Advisor) where I monitored several chat rooms, helped with the training for new CCR’s, and monitored new hires for the first few weeks after taking live calls. I worked for Asurion for almost 5 years until ATT bought DirecTV. ATT did not want work at home representatives. They offered a job, but I would have had to move, so I declined.

I currently work two jobs. I work at one of the local grocery stores and at a convenience store. I have been at both for over a year. My goal is to only work two/three hours in the afternoon (since I work from 7 a – 2 p CST) 5 days per week. I could easily work 10 hours per week. That would be perfect for me.

If you need references, I will need to look them up. If you want the grocery store or convenience store’s numbers, just let me know.

Cheryl Gregory - [email protected]
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