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The "low" hourly rates for most of those are $20-40. That's absolutely reasonable--and on the low side for many types of copywriting. I make significantly more in an hour for copywriting. When I quote a price, though, I (and many other writers) don't bill hourly; I bill by the project. I'm a fast worker, so there's no reason for me to be penalized for my efficiency. For example, I have one client in an industry I know like the back of my hand who needs 10 300-word blog posts per month. I can knock one of those out in 15-20 minutes, so for me to bill, say, $25/hour would be grossly undercharging for my work.

It might help to keep in mind that clients are not purchasing man-hours; they're purchasing a solution to their problem. The problem might be, "I don't have time to keep my blog updated," or "I don't know how to write copy that converts," or "I have a hard time crafting engaging copy on a dull topic." Sometimes the problem is, "I don't know the difference between they're and their and I don't want my customers to know that." Professional writers/editors sell solutions to those problems. Whether it takes you an hour or five hours or ten hours doesn't matter to the client; either way, the solution is worth whatever the two of you agree is a fair price.

Are there clients who think you're going to charge $10/hour or $5 for a 500-word blog post and balk at paying $50-100 for the same post? Of course. That doesn't mean that that's who you need to work for, though.
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