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Here are some experiences that our team members are having! So exciting to see so many results with all of these products!

"So, I drank my SLIMMER out of a sippy cup today! But I am absolutely LOVING this stuff. Not only am I steadily losing weight EVERY DAY. But I also feel amazing! I feel upbeat and less stressed, less bloated, and all around more radiant and vibrant! I would drink this everyday just to feel like this! This with my trilogy and NOURISH makes me feel totally 100% everyday and ready to take on the world!" - Maddyson L.

"It's really cool, when you go to bed, weighing less than when you got up!!! Why aren't you taking this everyday???" Tabitha W.

"8.4 lbs down in 9 days! - Tabitha W.

"10.6 lbs down in only 11 days! - Tabitha W.

"I just got the Mind in last Tuesday. I only got one product to start with, because to be honest, I didn't want to spend more money if they didn't work. I decided to get Mind first because I felt it was something I needed and would be able to see results. I took my first dose Tuesday and I noticed a couple minutes later how relaxed I felt. I also slept a lot more soundly that night. I also have been battling Psoriasis for over 15 years and I noticed that some spots of my psoriasis have cleared up! Just with using Mind for a few days! Just ordered Soul, Body and Nourish because if just the Mind works, I can't wait to see what adding the other 3 will do!" - Zachary R.