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Good morning everyone! For me personally I do the 3 social pages that people use. FB, Twitter and Pinterest. I haven't done an ad on FB yet but that's in the plan. I find the consistency of posting is the key. I don't chase leads. I let them come to me. No inviting people to parties online or offline. Unless a potential hostess/host approaches me. No instant messaging just because somebody liked/shared my post, tweet or pin. I don't forget I am a consumer too. How would I like to be approached in person or online? The 2 are not much different.

As for advertising besides the 3 social pages I mentioned I also join groups ( great for leads). Additionally I run ads online with my local classifieds, comment to most recipes I find and build a community of people that share my passion. Whether that's food or online DS consultants. Just yesterday I was approached by a potential small biz owner in the UK ( Just waiting on her sample to send to her) . Our products and business opportunity just expanded to the UK in the last few months. This nice young woman found me as a result of a recipe I posted in a group on FB. It was that simple. This is also how I get sales. I don't use any system other than consistency, making sure I add links to all my engagements online ( Pictures too) and hash tagging like crazy. It doesn't hurt to have a few people in your tool box of online marketing/networking. For me I have 4. My inspiration , small biz woman, mentor and the person who's business I would like to see mine be.

Have a great Thursday! I wish each of you a successful year.
Sherry E. / Mix In A Pinch

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