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Default Why wear anything... in particular

This is an old thread. Not sure why the resurgence but what you can wear is a varied as the previous responses. So whoever is reading this, take note. Be yourself. I start many days out in a pair of gym shorts and a shirt after my normal morning grooming. I can run to the corner store, or other errands in that. If I need something a little dressier for a quick or pre-arranged meeting or other reasons it only takes 5 minutes to rerun a toothbrush and change clothes. I often change into jeans or slacks around mid-day whether I'm going out or not and with good reason. It sets a tone for me, and I'm still comfortable.

Lots of people will tell you wear what's comfortable but I recommend you take it one step further. The "I work from home in my jammies/boxers/yoga pants" line makes for an inviting picture but you need to remember one thing... whatever you're doing in your home based business still needs to bring positive results. WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL MOST PRODUCTIVE. I'm not shouting but I am stressing the point. Lots of people dressed for the workplace for many years, came home at the end of the day and slipped into something more leisurely. That mentality can carry over to your WAHD days. For some, the more leisurely and comfy the garb, the more lax one can be in tending to what needs to be done.
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