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Default Questions about Gardenuity

Hello everyone!

I saw this thread and have done some reading on this company, but I am concerned that no one seems active on the WAHM boards for this business. Are there any fellow WAHMers active in this business? If so can you explain a little bit about the business. What is the business model, in other words how do you market the products? websites, parties, etc? Have you had any problems with the company, collecting commissions or contacting them for help?

Are their products predominantly organic? I am very passionate about Gardening and health and I do not want to support a company which supports non organic methods which poison our environment and our health.

If you still currently work this business, do you find you are still passionate about it? If you don't recommend this company are there any companies in the Organic Health and Wellness category that you do recommend?

Thank you for your time
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