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Originally Posted by itsanewyear11 View Post
As I posted after getting the Csat warning for two weeks in a row I was fired and they still have yet to pay me. After reaching out to Hayley regarding my pay she said it would be in my account by monday on wensday I still had no money emailed her and found that they had blocked my email. That being said I found out that postmates is currently being sued by several couriers for the way they were treated and the fact that they are forced to abide by rules that emloyees would be subject to but are independent contractors in payment terms. I have reached out to the attorney that is representing this case against PM. I have forwarded my pay statements, my hours, the contract I signed and the emails I got regarding the money the money that they still owe me. I should have never applied it took a long time for the hiring process, the lady that set up my interview never called I had to reach out, it is very disorganized as several others have said. We are to be abide by a scheldule, CSAT score and have to sit in chat the whole time on the shift then by all rights we are employees and deserve to treated as such including the way we are paid. I am getting a case open to sue them even though I was there a short time it is really unfair to take advantage of others like they are the attorney I spoke with said they seem pretty sure of themselves having a open case and then starting another dept that pretty much runs on the same track like it does not matter what the law reads. It was a easy money job but the fact that you have the score system that is not fair and the fact that they are so many others competing for the calls you are lucky to make $5 an hour. Good luck to those that feel that they have it down and are making the money that they need on it. I work a second job where I am IC but I get $10 an hour and feel that is fair.
Wow, there is so much wrong they are doing. I am so sorry this is happening to you and I hope you get all that seek to the extent. I can't believe the way they are treating you, I can only imagine others who are being treated the same way.

Could I ask, how did you come to find out that your email was blocked?

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