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Originally Posted by gemgem526 View Post
I have been with them almost 3 weeks now. I personally haven't had any problems. I am averaging around $9-10 an hour, and that is great in my eyes since I am working from home and not having any cost for commuting etc. What has worked for me was reading thoroughly the training manual they sent, choosing peak hours, and figuring out what day the schedules are put out. I usually can access them before I even get an email saying they are there, and then I just choose hours that should be busy.
Two Tips. .
1. I used to work for a restaurant for 5 yrs. Universally speaking Tues/Wed are always slow days. That being said I steer clear of those days to schedule myself on postmates, since most of the calls are dealing with restaurants. The other some what slow day is Monday, but you do sometimes get busy because on Mondays people going back to work that may have meetings will order out, rather then go get something for themselves.

2. Also with the times being Pacific, you can set up a 2nd clock on windows to show you Pacific times. I always have had this because I am from California, and still have family I speak to regularly. We Facetime so when we set that up we go off PST not EST since I am the only person living in an EST zone. Once it is set up you will h ave 2 clocks on the bottom showing.

As for those dealing with thick accents. I dont mess around. If the person cant understand me, or me them after I have repeated the order 2 times, I escalate it. I have had people flat out tell me they dont speak english well. I escalate it stating the person at the restaurant did not speak English fluently and was unable to understand me. I haven't had a problem. Some times the leads will simply tell me next time to just COT. But it is a way to CYA.
Thanks so much for all of your comments & tips. The accent thing is what I needed to know how to deal with. I usually don't have issues placing the orders. I do this for another company as well. So, I will try escalating explaining the situation. I know at one time they were complaining about people escalating the wrong things, so I was not wanting to do that too much either. We'll see how this week goes.
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