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Well, I had wanted to stay on with Postmates, but the rating system is a little stressful. I too was dinged twice with scores under the 4.8 & as someone else stated it may have been my fault, but it could have been the fault of the person taking the order. I spend lots of time speaking clearly and making sure I've given the order correctly, when I encounter persons with accents. I normally don't have issues understanding them, as I am accustomed to a lot of different accents. But every once in a while I get someone with a very, very heavy accent & they don't understand what I am saying either.

So, at any rate, I wanted to try and hang on here. But I wasn't even able to schedule any hours this week because the link I was sent didn't work. I've emailed a couple of people & still haven't been able to get a working link. I'm sure all shifts that I could work are probably taken by now. So, I'm not sure what will happen. I mean it isn't my fault if I've not been given a working link to get my 10 hours. So, at this point I'm not going to stress. I can access the link to next week, but not this week.

So, not sure what will happen now since I won't be able to do my 10 hour commitment this week. Hopefully, they will work out all the kinks so that people can stay on with them.
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