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Originally Posted by ahnalia View Post
I totally understand that they want good customer service.. but that scoring system has got to go.. or they need to lower it.

It is not my fault if I am placed on hold or if the order taker can't understand plain English.

Plus fighting over orders.. 525 people were on slack tonight, 15 orders were in queue and the massive dinner rush lasted all of 10 minutes.

This is not going well at all

They were NOT ready to launch, their system is buggy.. I am constantly "error communicating with server".. it's hard to claim orders with 500+ people online.
Scheduling hours you can work is very hard to do, and that awful awful scoring system is just plain ridiculous.
If anything, they need to be re-brand the scoring system and be realistic in it, because it doesn't make since when anything that goes wrong with the order, or even an unhappy customer who did not receive their order or time, could simply judge us for any of that.

When seeing the 500+ in Slack, I thought it meant the amount of people who were in the group, I had no idea it meant that's how many were logged on/active. That is very interesting because it's ALOT of people, wow!

I thought about email Hayley to ask some questions but I'll sit back another week and check things out before I do. One thing I want to really question are the leads and their contradiction when answer reps in chat.
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