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Originally Posted by sheryl318 View Post
I have had nights where I get 5.0 and 4.9 and other nights I get 4.6. So lately if I get an order that is unclear I escalate it so we can get it clear from the customer what they really want
Hi sheryl318, I'm enjoying Postmates. I'm actually able to make more hourly with them than with Door Dash. If you can place 26 orders in an hour that is $9 an hour, which really isn't bad. My 2nd 1 hr shift with them I was able to make $7.35. I made more tonight close to 8.25. How do you see the ratings. I haven't seen any ratings yet, but maybe that's because it's my 1st week.

Also, one thing I don't like is if you make a mistake in your scheduling & it's less than 24 hours that you need to cancel it, we are expected to try and swap hours & find a replacement to work our hours. This was not explained before hand & it's something I think they should tell you in the beginning. With Door Dash it's easy to go in and just cancel even less than 24 hours, although I know they don't like you to. But I accidentally sched for 2 shifts b2b for tomorrow & realized I couldn't work them because of a prior commitment.

So, I was told to go to the Facebook page and post my hours to do a swap. I first went in and requested a swap, but I wish you could just cancel the hours. It's too much of a hassle having to find a replacement worker. I mean we are not considered employees, so I don't feel we should have to find replacements for shifts we're not able to work. I'm really not going to stress about it. I emailed Hayley & hopefully I won't be dinged for this. I mean I think I've been doing a good job so far, but just a caution to anyone working for them or planning to do so, be careful when you do your scheduling. If you need to cancel a shift, I believe you can go back into the schedule and just hit the leave button & cancel it, if it's more than 24 hours. If not, then you have to worry about swapping and finding a replacement worker. So, I have to be more careful in the future with this.

Night all.

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