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Originally Posted by Mrsmommy View Post
It seems people on another forum are averaging $5 an hour.
That sounds about right. There are so many factors that come into play, when earning from this job. You have to do 30 calls in an hour in order to reach the $10.50 they claim you can make. Only thing is each & every call would have to take 2 mins or under to complete in order to make that amount. When you call some places, they ask you to hold, or no one may pick up right away, so you have to dial back. The phone could be busy and you have to try back. When these things happen, it makes it hard to do 30 calls in an hour.

DD pays more, so you only need to complete 20 calls an hour with them. Only trouble is same things apply, but they also want you to check pricing if it is off from their calculation. The most I've made with them in an hour is around $7 and I only was able to place about 12 orders. Oh, & the other thing about Door Dash is they expect you to place the online orders as well and this takes even longer to do.

So, they need to either pay a base rate of $2 or $3 for the hour you are signed on, plus your per call rate and maybe then people can make at least $10 per hr. But one thing that is good about DD is that they do offer bonuses if you work their peak shifts which is normally at night.
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