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Red face Psychics can sell items on

Well, eBay allowed me to auction off several of my readings. However, eBay allows people to sell more witchcraft based items .I had two customers who paid me for two seashell readings on ebay.In addition,I am on as well. You are misinformed about eBay's attitude towards psychics now. However, eBay seems to like their psychics to lean towards more darker path. Plus, I would have to say that many people come to eBay to sell more magic-based items such as love spells.Chat recruit is a good place for newbies to start before going to bigger and better companies. I used to do seashell and tea leaf readings for British clients all the time there. It is good income for a couple of months until something better comes along.

Here are a few psychics posting on without problems:

bellerosa on eBay
ninapoet on eBay
saraina11 on eBay

Originally Posted by Betsy View Post
eBay no longer allows psychics to post. You can google and find out more. You might try googling 'psychic jobs' or any variation. Somewhere there is a thread here of where to apply.

Good luck.


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