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Originally Posted by MartezJ View Post
How's it going guys? Do telecommuting jobs allow you to set your own hours? I have had my fair share of work from home jobs over the past few years, mainly general transcription jobs and found that the work was not lucrative enough for me. I currently work a regular full-time job but am looking to work another full-time job. The only thing is I need a job that will allow me to come and go as I please. Even if I have set hours, I need to ability to call in and take off whenever I need to. So basically let's say I am expected to work 9-5 at the job; that's fine but I want it to be on a day by day basis so I want to be able to call in to work when I am ready and take off when I need to. Is this even possible or realistic? Any help is greatly appreciated.
I am wondering which of the general transcription companies you didn't find lucrative enough? Other than voice mail transcription or bidding/cloud work sites, most general transcriptionist work at the larger transcription companies allow experienced contractors to make at least $ 15+/hr and many have 12 - 24/hr turnaround time tables. So it may be worth your time to take another look into finding a better company vs changing careers.

that said, other than starting your own company or (some) phone sales, in order to make over $15/hr I think you will really need specific 'in demand' skills so you'll have to give us more information on what other skills you bring to the table. Even search engine raters will only avg 13.50/hr (not as much as a good transcriptionist)

best wishes let us know what you find
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