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Angry Help! This WAHM is ready to quit.

Hi all! In new here & probably not the best way to start off! Lol, but I have looked far and wide for this type of site where maybe some of you can relate. I am a WAHM, I have 3 little ones (9 months, 3 years & 10 years) & a pretty successful business. My background is in business and accounting. I started this business about 2 years ago and this past year it has taken off. Great right? Well, sometimes not so much... My husband works a full time job(which he is miserable doing) and also does the packaging and shipping for our business. His father does all the printing. I handle sales, finance, analyses, the business model and everything else. We don't have a big savings to dip into, but the entrepreneur in me can't understand why he doesn't quit and take the risk. It's already a proven concept!
Before my newest sweetie arrived, I had nap time and after bedtime to work. It was doable. Now, The little ones do take naps, just not at the same time. And after their bedtime I am exhausted. I tried a sitter here and it was more chaotic than not for some reason, hard to explain, but I think even if Elmo was here to watch them they'd still run into mommies office/ bedroom every 15 minutes. I'm a overly anxious person in general, so my unrealistic paranoia won't let me drop them at daycare. Closest family is 2 hours away. The part that really p's me off is when my hubby gets home he expects dinner and rarely lifts a finger to help with the kids, never mind encouraging me to work; even though I bring in more a week financially than he does. He instead will say he's worked all day and needs down time. He says I get to be home all day ( yes he said that, & I pictured myself poking his eyes out) WHAT is downtime? So, in a nutshell, I'm about ready to just quit and be mom before I turn into crazy mean mom with resentments flying all over the place, or before I tell him to take his down time and shove..... You get my point,...thanks so much for reading this and any advice is so needed and appreciated!
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