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Originally Posted by colly5 View Post
Funny I just came on this post. I literally just got burned by Hirewriters. Wrote 4 articles for them the other day. 3 of them came back 5 star rated and accepted. 1 came back for a revision. Lost my internet yesterday (netgear card needed to be replaced). Came back this morning to do the edit..couldn't...asked why. Was told I was fired because I didn't do the edit in time. Unreal. No warnings, no number to call in incase of power outtage, internet problems etc. Just fired. they owe me money too.
You should still get paid for the 3 that were accepted, minus the penalty for doing the edit (its the same fee displayed if you didn't do it at all). If an article is rejected or you didn't turn it in on time, it shows as fired and doesn't give you any further details. You'll see the money Friday afternoon, provided there is at least $10 in your account.

In my experience, if you work with HireWriters:

1) Never trust the timer displayed on the site, it can be inaccurate (which is a browser issue but can throw you off) Keep notes about your due dates and try not to work at the last minute. Those fees can add up and will affect your rating.

2) Save a hard copy on your computer before handing it in - if its rejected (my rej rate is 7%, but average is 10% I believe) you can use it elsewhere. HW doesn't allow you to access your work after its turned in.

3) Always do the edits. If it isn't worth your time or something has come up, contact the buyer who can then reject it or send you a mutual cancellation to avoid the fee.
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