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Originally Posted by WhoShavedMyMoustache?! View Post
Same sentiment here Bro.. the sad part of it is that, we don't even get Updates from them. I supposed it doesn't hurt to post announcements or responses via email to keep us updated. They apparently could flare S.O.S when they need us to focus on a certain category, why can't they send a single word to explain? It's not fair to deduct earnings without valid reason, it's like stealing. Besides, the technical issues wasn't our fault. They should deduct the money from their incompetent technical staff'. Just an Opinion. It's their fault not ours. And where did the sense of urgency and accountability go huh?
It was funny yesterday that they were yelling HELP in the app't booked category. There are 760 CALLS,HELP LOL
The other categories had a billion more not taken yet. I emailed them and asked them why I should help them out if they keep stealing from my account. I worked hard for that money. This money was helping with Christmas presents since the government won't help us. It's like everyone is taking care of their own best interests and more than willing to let people suffer. Everyone is turning to every source of income they can find. In my city thousands of people just lost their jobs. You have people with all kinds of experience, abilities and education fighting each other just to shovel someone's driveway for cash. So when a company like Humanatic starts to do the same as the rest of the monsters that contol the economy, we feel defeated, sad..... then very very angry. Just my two cents worth, which is worth more than half these categories LOL
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