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Lots of great advice here...

Here's my 2 cents...

1) About domain names

If you can get a generic name that will fit the product, you'll be able to switch it to a different product if the original one goes out of business... (and some of them do) or if you get disenchanted with it for some reason or find a better converting one.

Also, that way you won't have to worry about copyright, though I suspect that the risk with CB product is fairly small - they want you to promote their stuff any way you can. And if in doubt, you can ask them too! That's what their support email is for.

2) About list building

I totally believe in building a list while you're at it. And with CB products or other info products especially, but others too, it is helpful to create a pre-sell report that you give away in exchange for people signing up for your list.

Then you follow up and provide more info as well as encourage them to try out the product...
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