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Do not worry about your Mother. She probably thinks she is "helping" by being discouraging. There might be other motivations. I don't know. I always tell people "Just because someone has an opinion, it doesn't make it the truth."

Now, what you need to do is to quit worry about online stuff. You are absolutely right about Facebook. Now you will hear some do quite well with it. I have never, in my years with this business, since Facebook has been around, known anyone who has completely been able to sustain and grow a business completely online. You can use FB and other online resources to Continue a relationship but they are pretty hard to Start a relationship.

If you really look at Direct Sales, the key to our success as an industry is built on relationships. That is the difference between us and normal brick and mortar businesses and many other types of online business. The money that many of these businesses put into advertising is given to US as consultants. We are their advertising. We build relationships to sell their products. So the key is to take your inner circle to get into their inner circle.

You also need to think about a Target market. I would do another Debut (dont invite your Mother) and do an actual party presentation. I do not do Open Houses-despise them. Hate going to them to because nobody tells me about their products. You have to do all of the asking. The benefit to a presentation is that I am taught about the product. How can it benefit me. What will I enjoy. Some people like to do them and seem to have success but the majority of people who do them do not do well with them in my experience. Parties are where it is at. Brenda hit the nail on the head when she said that they are very Noncommittal type of events. Because they are "Come by when you can" if the slightest thing comes up, they don't come at all. So do another one, do a presentation, target about 30 people. Personally call each one. Tell them to bring a friend and they will get a free gift from you or that they will get extra tickets for a fun drawing, etc.

If that doesn't work, it is time to start looking for some booth events where you can get new leads. Set up and people who are interested in your booth can come over to it. Do a prize drawing for a gift certificate to get leads. Offer a great gift if they host a show. It is all about getting leads, not about sales. You are exposing and promoting your business at this booth.

Talk with your upline and find out what she has done.
Hope this helps!
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