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I know it's hard not to take things personally, but I would try not to let it go with you. They're not refusing you, just the product or the opportunity at this time. When I first started my direct sales business I had a few friends selling already and so my initial circle was limited to being with. I didn't have much support from the remaining friends and family either and even though I was disappointed, I did had the voice of reason reminding me that they weren't obligated to support me.

I was bound and determined to meet people and share a product that I was passionate about. I did fundraisers, vendor events, and marketed my new business online through social media, etc. Eventually I built a very strong business and sure enough, guess what? In the end, most of the friends and family who had turned down the opportunity to host or purchase when I first started out have since come around.

So, just keep spreading the word, work your business consistently, and make an attempt to meet new people, that's my advice! Good luck with your business!
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