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I haven't used SEOPressor so I don't have any opinions about it.

I don't use All In One SEO either. Instead I use a premium theme that has built in SEO capabilities - I can add SEO title, description, keywords on all pages, canonical and even redirect urls. When you have a premium theme with SEO built into it you shouldn't use a plugin. Try to use as little plugins as you can.

My theme also lets me add Google Analytics to all pages so no need really for that plugin. There are several themes out there that let you reduce plugin use with built in options.

Akismet is useful. I've used that ever since I've started using Wordpress.

Ones that I find helpful are:

1. Google Author Link - Let's you set up Google Authorship on your profile (shows your picture in the search results.

2. SEO Slugs - Strips out stop words out of your url like 'a', 'the', 'and'. Stop words are words that are so common they generally don't have much SEO value. I've started to edit my own url instead of letting Wordpress automatically generate one for me. If I keep doing this I probably won't need this plugin anymore.

3. Jetpack - I use Jetpack because it has some nice features that can help you get rid of other plugins. Lightbox for images, share buttons, stats and bunch of other useful stuff. I've read recently that it slows down your site a bit among other things so I might stop using it.

I don't (try not to) use too many plugins but plugins can be a helpful way of adding a feature to your site that makes you more money.
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