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So if I understand what you are saying, then my statement was also correct - that the comment about it being nearly impossible for jewelry to be entirely nickel free applies to fashion/costume jewelry, not sterling silver or precious (gold) jewelry.

I have a pretty severe nickel allergy and so does my 10 year-old, so I pay a lot of attention to what goes in both our ears and have found that just about any costume jewelry causes us both problems, and so we only wear gold or silver pieces. That being said, I've never owned a piece of Lia Sophia - only fashion jewelry from other DS companies and retail stores. I am glad to hear that your product has allowed women with a nickel allergy like mine to wear fun and beautiful jewelry without enduring ear inflammation and infections! (Or in the necklace category - itchy red necks!)

Edited to add: You are right about surgical steel - my daughter gets infections from surgical steel posts, as did I when I was younger. And cheap gold often has nickel in the mix, so I am really careful about the gold earrings and trying to find out what is in them!

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