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Recurring payment will pay you as long as the customer stay... so that is a pretty good way to make money.

If you rank sites in the "make money" niche sure it will take a long time with that competition. Rank sites in other niches and it will go much quicker.

BTW, I have numerous sites I have not touched for years and they still make money. Google for sure want you to be active on your sites, but there are other ways to drive traffic than using Google...

I am not trying to say that your program does not work, I wouldn`t know cause I have not tried it, this all started with me saying I prefer recurring payment... and I still do cause it pays my bills

Originally Posted by AllanJames View Post
Here's the problem. Building websites and getting high visibility in the search engines (so that you get decent traffic) takes time - maybe 3 months, often more, often a lot more. My free training website (in the compeditive 'Make Money' niche) took about six months to rank high. And I'm pretty good at SEO!

BTW, there is no such thing as a ongoing profitable website 'without you doing a thing ...'. They all require ongoing activity and social engagement or the rankings drop over time and you end with a dead horse financially.

Contrast that with what many my students in 2-tier affiliate programs are achieving when they're making decent money in their first month.
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