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Default importing....

I couldn't agree with you more.

The other advantage to importing over drop-shipping is I have control over the quality of the goods sent to my customers. If I order thru a drop-shipper, they can change their suppliers and send a good product out one month and a bad product out the next.

If the item is in my possession, I can verify it's quality before I ship it.....

Does pose a problem around Christmas-time though as things get pretty backed up thru the postal service and customs.... some orders took me 50 days to receive.. so planning in advance is a must.
I usually stagger my orders so I have a constant supply coming in

I also find it mind-boggling that someone shipping from China, pays less to ship to California
than I pay thru the usps to ship the same item from Illinois....

Anyone that sells stuff should look into importing goods for themselves...

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