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Hi, I'd be happy to email you additional information if you'd like. I would like to say.. .if you start a "business".... there are costs associated with any business every month in order to be successful and grow. The bv are easily attainable and we have a Visa Pay Card which I get paid with each month. BV is necessary in order to keep your rank. think of BV as supplies for your business to share or sell to others in order to make them aware of the products.

The company has an awesome compensation plan which allows you to begin earning quickly in order to build your business. You will get out of it what you put into it... we say you choose how many zeros you want on your check. We have so many success stories of lives changed physically and financially. The body wraps are awesome, but this company is so much more than that. WE have facebook support groups, awesome training and tools to build your business.
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