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Originally Posted by AwesomeWAHM View Post
SEO is indeed important. It helps you get found by the search engine most especially with high quality content regardless of what Google does with its algorithm.

Good luck!
I have to challenge that - it may have relevance now but the truth is that no-one knows what Google will do with their ranking algorithm down the track.

The fact is you can have the greatest, most interesting and most informative content in the world (and some good keyword research and both on page and off page SEO to back it up) and at any time in the future Google could decide to make a change that cause your flow of potential buyers to slow up.

Already they're showing a tendency to lower the ranking of any site that's not an authority site with hundreds of pages and posts, and thousands of visitors a month, no matter how good the content is.

So... if you're just starting how long will it take to rank high? Too long (unless you want to die hungry )

The only way to short circuit the abysmally slow growth, and to future proof your efforts, is to 'piggy back' on someone else's authority blog site. Squidoo is an example and there are others.
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