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Lol! Ok so once you receive your title it is yours to keep. What can change is your paid as rank. So if you are an executive and did not fulfill the requirement you would be an executive paid at a consultant level. Make sense?

The only way you can lose your downline is if they leave the business.

Yes Sprinkles are number 1 and I would say because of that our Simmer Lights and Shades fall second. At least that's what I have seen!

We are growing at an amazing pace! Our goal to close 2012 is to reach 5,000 consultants and I believe last count we were approx 300 shy! This is in the first year of PZ. Our team has been doing over 1 million in sales each month now.

Lol. I hope that adds to your jeopardy winnings. Lol
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